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Utah Restaurant Features Fish And Firearms

The owners of the Sea Bears Fish House in Ogden, Utah, tout their fish and...

Where Legends Come To Life

NRA’s museums in Virginia, Missouri and New Mexico are must-see exhibits for historical firearm fans.

DC Pays People Not To Commit Crime

Want a $9,000-per-year government handout? Just commit a gun crime in Washington, D.C.!

N.J. Bears Down On Actor Bearing BB Gun

A stand-up comedian and actor in Woodbridge, N.J., is facing jail time for using a...

Lab Accident

How the Centers for Disease Control’s gun-control plan blew up in its face.

Where Do You Put Your Trust?

Anti-gunners are trying to turn the beleaguered Terror Watch List into a “no guns” list.

How Gavin Newsom’s Initiative Will Flatten California Gun Owners

California’s lieutenant governor aims to advance his career on the backs of gun owners.

Triple Threats

This combo gun offered the best attributes of a revolver, a dagger and brass knuckles.

Meet Ms. Olympia

Five-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode shares the secrets of her success.

The President’s Biggest Lie

The Obama administration is pushing for confiscation of firearms without due process.

Let’s End The Charade Of Gun-Free Zones

“Gun-free zone” signs mean nothing to criminals intent on causing harm and destruction.

Third Century | Scott O'Grady

F-16 pilot Scott O’Grady, shot down over Bosnia in 1995, knows the value of freedom.

A Navy Is Born

The ragtag Continental Navy faced Britain’s unrivaled might on the high seas.

Despite HSUS Protests, New Florida Black Bear Season In The Works

The real wildlife experts at FFWCC support the hunt and the proposal is expected to...

Carry Life | Getting A Grip, Take Two

Getting the grip right does take some precision but doesn’t have to be difficult.

Exercise Your Freedom | A Whole New .380

Browning’s Black Label .380 ACP is indeed ‘The Right .380.’

The Rise Of The Armed Citizen

Mark Vaughan stopped a beheading with his AR-15, and saved many lives in doing so.

Sized To Fit

Our sources tell us 5.56 is here to stay for duty use, but you have...

The First Test Luger

In mid-March 1901, the U.S. military was gearing up to select a new service sidearm...

Six Guns Of The Confederacy

Both of these .36-caliber Confederate handguns remain as mute witnesses of battles fought when our...
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