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Why America Needs More Maj

Maj Toure is storming the inner cities, teaching gun rights and preaching gun responsibility.

Iowa Legislators Blocking Girls’ Shooting Endeavors

These two young Iowa competitive shooters want legislators to remove a roadblock to their participation.

To Stand And Fight At SHOT | Thursday

More thoughts from familiar faces at SHOT Show.

I Am Forever: One Life

In the new “I Am Forever,” two journeys draw toward their respective ends.

I Am Forever: Immortal Mountain

In the new “I Am Forever,” the backpackers try their hand at rappelling and knot-tying.

I Am Forever: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

The new “I Am Forever” examines the increasingly risk-averse nature of American culture.

I Am Forever: Hard Work

The new “I Am Forever” examines hard work and its rewards in American life.

I Am Forever: Streets Paved With Gold

The new “I Am Forever” looks at the American ideals of opportunity and self-reliance.

I Am Forever: A Better Life In America

The new “I Am Forever” examines the everyday luxuries that Americans take for granted.

The New NRA News

Meet the personalities leading the fight for your firearm freedoms on the new NRANews.com.

The Dawn Of Texas Open Carry

Because assumptions can breed complacency, it’s important to know the facts.
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