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Civilian And Military Arms: A 200-Year Relationship

Frank Miniter explains how American freedom and firearm innovation have been linked since our nation’s...

Python Trifecta

Three firearms in the “Artistry in Arms” case at the NRA National Firearms Museum are...

Where Legends Come To Life

NRA’s museums in Virginia, Missouri and New Mexico are must-see exhibits for historical firearm fans.

Bat's Gat

A fine Colt revolver owned by William Barclay Masterson—better known as “Bat.”

More States Honor Historical Connections With Official Firearms

There are official state seals, birds and flowers—and over the last four years, six states...

Gun-Banners BeLIEve

Gun-banners are fond of saying citizens shouldn't have access to the same firearms as the...

5 Guns That Won The West

These are the principle firearms that made westward expansion possible.

The Dance Of Texas

These Dance revolvers were important enough to the state of Texas that the governor exempted...

A Special Revolving Rifle From Smith & Wesson

From 1879 to 1887, Smith & Wesson manufactured fewer than a thousand of these sepcial...

The Armed Citizen® March 23, 2011

Jeff Gibson and his wife, Tammy, had returned home after an evening church service when...
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