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Detroit Man Stops Carjacking, Shooting One Suspect

It’s known as the home of the big three automakers, but last Monday it was...

MI: Concealed-Carry Permit Holder Thwarts Carjacker

A concealed-carry permit holder used his firearm to fight off a carjacker Thursday night on...

The Armed Citizen® | Nurses

When bad guys sought to prey on these armed nurses, they got more than they...

Proof That Nailing Violent Gang Members Is Key To Reducing Homicides

By concentrating on criminals instead of citizens’ guns, homicides decrease in Detroit.

How Gangs Get Guns

As anti-gun politicians call for “universal” background checks, gangs get their guns by stealing them.

Armed Citizen Saves Clerk During Robbery

An armed citizen stopped an armed robbery at a Detroit convenience store earlier this week,...

Armed Detroit Man Ends Home Invasion With Gunshots

A homeowner on Detroit’s west side shot an intruder who was holding him and his...

Retired Police Sergeant Fights Back Against Burglars

The 70-year-old homeowner was in his living room around 1:35 p.m. last Tuesday when he...

FBI Arrests Man Planning ISIS-Inspired Attack On Detroit Church

The FBI has stopped another planned lone-wolf terror attack on U.S. soil, this time in...

Standing Guard | “Defending Your Right To Defend Yourself” Remain Our Watchwords

Wayne LaPierre calls on gun owners to defend their right to defend themselves.

Detroit Mugger Makes The Wrong Choice

A man on the west side of Detroit was approached by a suspect who allegedly...

Detroit Robbery Victim Shoots Suspect

A robbery attempt early Tuesday morning in Detroit went badly for the alleged armed robber.

For Football Fans, Safety Is No Game

More voices are calling for the NFL to end its dangerous concealed-carry ban.

Pizza Driver Fights Off Armed Robbers

A Detroit pizza delivery driver used his firearm Wednesday night to fight off an armed...

Motor City’s Top Cop Encourages Armed Citizenry

While many anti-gunners say law-abiding Americans carrying concealed firearms doesn’t make communities safer, many beg...

Detroit Resident Turns Tables On Muggers

Just weeks after a Detroit resident was approved for concealed carry, the man protected himself...

Armed Girlfriend Saves Michigan Man From Attacker

Steve Miller was assaulted by an intoxicated neighbor over a leaf-blowing incident, he could easily...

The Real Pain Of A Federal Gun Tax

A proposed federal tax on firearms is entirely designed to make them unaffordable.

The Armed Citizen® Detroit

These Detroit residents used firearms to find safety in a lawless environment.

Detroit Man Shoots Armed Robbers At ATM

All three men were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and the two suspects are in police...
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