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Smoking Gun

Despite anti-gunners’ claims, “smart gun” technology is in no way ready for prime time.

To America’s Law Enforcement Officers: Thank You For Your Service

Why we must reverse the recent trend of unjustified hatred for our country’s law enforcement...

Fast & Furious Gun Used in American Terrorist Attack?

Repercussions from the Department of Justice’s failed operation, Fast and Furious, continue to be felt.

Standing Guard | We Don’t Need More Gun Laws, Just Enforcement Of Existing Ones

Why pass more laws if we don’t enforce the ones already on the books?

Slow-Walking Fast And Furious

The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal, and the Obama administration’s participation in it...

How Politicians Turn Police Into Pawns

Cities pay the price when politicians abandon police.

Is Justice Done?

As the U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder presided over Fast and Furious, enabled Operation Choke...

The Two Jay Dobyns

Former ATF Agent Jay Dobyns risked his life infiltrating the notorious Hells Angels biker gang,...
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