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Targeting Toepperweins

A pair of Colt revolvers used by two famous exhibition shooters.

Legends | The Perfect Gun For Making History

This Remington Rolling Block rifle was the first gun to be included in the collection...

First Damascus From Jesse James

This custom 1911 is the first from Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.

Legends | Sharpshooter In Korea

A special Winchester Model 70 sniper rifle used in Korea.

Legends | A Tom Mix Special

The legendary Hollywood cowboy used to recommend this gun to his many young fans.

President's Column | NRA Will Focus On Outreach With A Broad Spectrum Of Programs

President Pete R. Brownell explains what the NRA means to him and what his tenure...

Legends | A Novice Who Set National Records

These two pistols were used by a novice in 1933 to take on the nation’s...

Legends | A Gun From Gallipoli

This well-traveled Lee-Metford rifle was the choice of an Australian sniper serving in the Gallipoli...

American Sniper

This Remington 700 was used by actor Bradley Cooper to portray U.S. Navy SEAL sniper...

The Cross-Eyed Rifle

The special Winchester Model 70 owned by legendary gun writer John T. Amber.

Presidential Five-Shooter

This revolver was a gift from Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Wrong Side Of The Border?

A Texas Ranger captain’s rifle, bag and watch.

Pat Garrett’s Thunderer

This gold-washed Colt revolver used by the famous lawman is as storied as it is...

Sharing A Gold Moment

A medal-winning rifle from the 1976 Olympics

A Family Treasure

This beautiful percussion rifle has been passed down through generations.

A Henry Aboard

This rifle was used to stop a mutiny at sea.

Sinistral Shotguns

Unique challenges make for unusual firearms.

A Beautiful Idea

Two patents were issued for this recoil counter-vectoring design.

Best Of The West

A pair of fine Freund Improved Sharps Rifles.

Python Trifecta

Three firearms in the “Artistry in Arms” case at the NRA National Firearms Museum are...
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