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Fake News: Media Pushes An Anti-Gun Narrative With False Numbers

Editor Mark Chesnut explains how media reports on the epidemic of “children” being hospitalized for...

Burglar With Taser Shot By Armed Homeowner

Paper beats rock. Rock beats scissors. Gun beats Taser. That’s the universal logic a home...

California Dr. Shoots And Kills Attacker In Self-Defense

A Bakersfield doctor was forced to take the life of a man who unexpectedly attacked...

Neighbor Stops Domestic Assault With Firearm

A Greenville, N.C., man used his gun to stop an attack on his neighbor by...

Canadian Firearm Injury "Study" Included Pellet, Airsoft And Paintball Guns

On Tuesday, we reported on a Toronto Star article that twisted immigration data to advocate...

NBA Player Redick Speaks Out Against Right To Bear Arms

Trust the Los Angeles Times to come up with a bazillionth unqualified commentator on gun issues. This...

Doctor Group Publishes Paper Backing Hearing Protection Act

Editor Mark Chesnut explores the just-published paper by Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership advocating for...

The Armed Citizen® | Atlanta

9 stories of armed self-defense from Atlanta, Georgia.

Spinning Canadian Immigration Data Into Gun Control

A confusing Monday article at thestar.com, reporting on a “groundbreaking study” by two Toronto pediatricians,...

California Assemblywoman Pushes Firearms “Warning Label”

Assemblywoman Catherine Baker is asking California to raise the passing mark “for the issuance of...

Armed With Knowledge: Children And Guns

A1F contributor Corinne Mosher discusses teaching her child gun safety.

The Armed Citizen® | Music Stores

7 stories of armed self-defense in and around music stores.

Tennessee Woman Shoots Attacker, Saving Herself And Others

Dieshunn Lindsey picked the wrong woman to pick on. And Latesha Hinton gave him her...

Another Armed Good Guy Saves Another Policeman—In Arizona

How a Good Samaritan exercising his Second Amendment rights saved an Arizona trooper’s life.

Everytown’s List Of School Shootings Is Not Worth The Paper It's Printed On

Editor Mark Chesnut explores Everytown For Gun Safety’s fake news ploy to deceive people into...

Bad For Your Health

ATTENTION: Medical research on “gun violence” is contaminated with gun-ban propaganda.

Negligent Discharge: The Stuff Of Nightmares

Not much will give you the willies—or much worse—than “bang” when you don’t expect it.

Armed Home Invader Shot In Florida

After three men broke into her home Wednesday night and one of them pointed a...

Democrats Join Massachusetts Attorney General’s Gun-Ban Charade

Democrats join the ban-guns cheering section ... not just in Massachusetts, but also nationwide.
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