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$1,000 Gun Tax Pushed As “Role Model” For States

If they can’t ban ’em, they’ll simply tax ’em out of existence. That seems to...

Oklahoma “Permitless” Open Carry Advances

Legislation would roll back Oklahoma permit requirement to openly carry a firearm for self-defense.

Is Obama’s DOJ Too Political To Tackle Chicago’s Murder Problem?

Frank Miniter looks at Chicago’s murder rate in contrast to federal prosecution of violent criminals.

Mandatory Insurance Looms Over Gun Owners

Mandatory insurance for gun owners: An idea predicated on lies.

Bill Stalls That Would Allow The CDC To Study Gun Violence As A Health Epidemic

On Thursday, a bill that would lift restrictions on funding anti-gun research by the Centers...

Lab Accident

How the Centers for Disease Control’s gun-control plan blew up in its face.

How Gavin Newsom’s Initiative Will Flatten California Gun Owners

California’s lieutenant governor aims to advance his career on the backs of gun owners.

Josh Waldron Of SilencerCo On The Hearing Protection Act

SilencerCo CEO Josh Waldron talks about the benefits of deregulating suppressors.

The Rising Tide

Guess what new anti-gun proposals federal gun-banners have up their sleeves this time.

The Volstead Act: An Exercise In Unintended Consequences

“Do something!” the gun-haters cry. It’s been tried before, and wasn’t a success.

The Real Pain Of A Federal Gun Tax

A proposed federal tax on firearms is entirely designed to make them unaffordable.

Proposed Bill Calls For $100 Federal Tax On Every Gun

A Democratic congresswoman has rolled out the “Reducing Gun Violence in Our Neighborhoods Act."

How Seattle Is Using A Tax On Gun Owners Against Gun Owners

Seattle has passed a tax on gun and ammo purchases in order to fund anti-gun...

Seattle Creates New Tax On Guns And Ammo

A new tax on guns and ammo in Seattle could put firearm retailers out of...

Lawsuits Out West

Both Seattle and Los Angeles face court challenges by the NRA over recent anti-gun laws.

Weird Science

Bloomberg funds bogus “science,” then publishes it in “studies” to discredit your rights.

The Left’s Labored Language

Don’t believe anti-gunners: The three-day background check “loophole” is anything but.

Seattle Moves Closer To Punitive Tax On Guns And Ammo

The tax money collected would be directed toward the vaguely defined area of “gun violence...

Spouting Maloney

U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney has launched a full-out assault on American gun owners.

Are The Bad Guys Winning?

Violent crime is prompting some politicians to propose new gun-ban schemes.
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