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The Left’s Schizophrenic Approach To Guns And Criminal Justice

What is it that gun-ban advocates don’t understand about prosecuting violent criminals?

Trump Administration Signals Intent to Enforce Existing Gun Laws

The Obama administration’s refusal to enforce federal laws covering armed predators is over.

Not Going Anywhere

Nancy Pelosi’s re-election as House Democratic leader proves not everything changed with Trump’s victory.

Trump Administration Signals Intent To Enforce Existing Gun Laws

NRA President Allan Cors discusses the need for more strict enforcement of federal firearms laws.

Phantoms Of Gun Control

How anti-gunners conjure the illusion of a movement.

How Anti-Gunners Shot Themselves In The Foot At Ohio State

Anti-gun elites got it wrong—again—after the Ohio State attacks. But the people might make it...

Will A New Armatix Smart Gun Trigger The Old New Jersey Mandate?

Following its failed experiment with the iP1, German company Armatix says it will launch a...

What’s So “Smart” About A Gun That Doesn’t Work When You Need It?

Do you really want your self-defense firearm to work as reliably as your smartphone? We...

A Reluctant Hero

NRA-certified firearms instructor Jason Falconer simply did what he had to do when stopping a...

Hillary’s VP Candidate Tim Kaine Is An Anti-Gun Chameleon

With Hillary Clinton’s health in question, gun owners need to know that her running mate,...

Gun Ownership Booming Among Women, Minorities, Seniors

While politicians attack and disparage gun rights, the vulnerable and victimized prepare for their defense.

Train Wreck

How a power struggle among California Democrats cost gun owners another chunk of their rights.

Masking Gun Control With Positive Messaging

For fear of turning off voters, Clinton and the anti-gun lobby try to rebrand gun...

Yet Another Reason To Own An AR

Hunting is just one of many good reasons to own a modern sporting rifle.

Gun-Banners Change Rhetoric, Not Goals

A Politico.com story posted Tuesday under the headline, “Dems Urged To Retool Their Guns Message,”...

San Antonio Men Fight Off Armed Robber

While the police shootings in Dallas have increased calls for gun control from anti-gun groups...

Gun Shop Owner Helps Foil Terror Plot

While Hillary Clinton and other gun-ban politicians like to make it sound like America’s gun...

The Truth About The AR-15 And Crime

Hillary Clinton and gun-ban Democrats are trying to push a lie into law again.

From The Editor | Charlie Rangel: Guns For Me, But Not For Thee

A congressman lets the truth slip out—anti-gun politicians’ lives are far more important than yours!

Standing Guard | Taking The Fight To Hillary: Bring It On!

The NRA is prepared to battle for the Second Amendment in the upcoming election. Are...
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