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As Gun Haters Push Bans, More Is Learned About Terrorist’s Violent Life

As gun-ban groups and anti-gun politicians and media continue to push for more restrictive gun-control...

Dom Raso Takes On AR-15 Haters In New Commentary

Addressing “every political hack pretending you know the difference between an AR-15 and a double-barreled...

Namibian Government Formally Embraces Hunting

The Namibian government is taking steps to make sure that hunter haters don’t gain more...

Medical Journal Article Calls NRA Members “A Cancer”

Is it any wonder that Americans are growing weary of this plague of medical specialists...

Separatists Without Guns Massacre Chinese Miners

Here’s another one for the “like we needed any more proof” file: Gunless haters killed...

Carry Life | Arming Soldiers, Protecting Families

When you can attack the firearms competence of soldiers, civilian shooters are done for.
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