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Armed Citizens Stand Guard Over Military Recruiting Offices In Virginia, Georgia

A man stood guard outside a military recruiter armed with his AR-15 rifle.

Bad Policy Enables Terrorist Attacks

The continued, enforced defenselessness of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines while on duty is...

Semper Fi: 239 Years And Counting

Call ‘em what you will: Leathernecks, Jarheads or Devil Dogs, they were at the beginning.

A Memorial Day Tribute

Today we celebrate the legacies of those who fought to keep our country free.

Glock 19 Moves In At MARSOC

Gaston Glock might know more about the Glock 19, but when he won’t take our...

Shooting To Heal

At the Warrior Games, one event rises above all others when it comes to the...

Still in the Fight

Former Navy SEAL and Team Bushmaster member Aaron Reed is making the transition from the...
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