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Report: National Media All In For Gun Control

It didn’t take the liberal left and so-called “mainstream” media long to turn the Las...

The Foolishness That Was New Jersey’s Gun “Buyback”

Why New Jersey’s so-called gun “buyback” won’t make anyone safer—and even cynical politicians know it.

For The Sake Of Their Voters, Democrats Need To Admit They Lost The Gun Issue To Freedom

Frank Miniter explores how women and minorities discovering their Second Amendment rights might force Democratic...

One More Reason Gun Owners Should Be Celebrated

While you won’t hear about it in the so-called “mainstream” media, the safety record of...

Who Keeps You Safe? You Keep You Safe

AWR Hawkins explores how Americans have chosen to take their safety into their own hands...

The Big Lie Concocted To Derail Concealed-Carry Reciprocity

Frank Miniter exposes the VPC’s lying ways in trying to derail the Concealed-Carry Reciprocity Act...

John Lott Q&A | America’s Murder “Problem”

Criminologist and researcher John Lott discusses new research showing that most murders are committed in...

John Lott Q&A: Debunking Media Spin On Guns And Domestic Violence

Criminologist and author John Lott takes on the media spin on guns and domestic violence.

“Stand Your Ground” Benefits The Vulnerable In Society

AWR Hawkins explores Stand Your Ground laws and the move in Florida to strengthen the...

John Lott Q&A: Debunking Vox.com Gun Lies

Criminology researcher John Lott debunks an anti-gun web article claiming higher gun ownership results in...

“Day Without A Woman” Supporters Got Millions From Soros

First, there was the “Women’s March on Washington” in January. Created under the guise of...

John Lott Q&A: The Truth About Right To Carry

Researcher and author John Lott discussed Right to Carry and the move for national reciprocity.

One Of Tuesday’s Biggest Losers: “Mainstream” Media

The day after Donald Trump shocked Democrats and the media, The New York Times ran...

Something Doesn't Smell Right In The New York Times

The New York Times mindlessly repeats the nonsensical claims of an anti-gun “study.”

Sen. Murphy Repeats Lie Of Falling Gun Ownership

During an anti-gun rant to the National Press Club on Thursday, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy,...

Billionaires Bankroll Clinton’s Gun-Ban Campaign

The richest people in the world are helping Hillary attack the rights of everybody else.

Big 3 Networks Slant Gun News—Yet Again

A story in Wednesday’s Washington Times reported that a new study reveals America’s three largest...

Hillary Clinton Runs Against Gun Rights Because She Has To

Hillary Clinton had no choice but to become the most anti-gun presidential candidate ever.

On The Front Lines

Law enforcement is calling on armed citizens to help battle terrorism and violent crime.

Lab Accident

How the Centers for Disease Control’s gun-control plan blew up in its face.
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