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U.S. Virgin Islands Politician Uses Hurricane To Order Gun Confiscation

The governor of an American territory has instructed his National Guard to take firearms and...

In California, Confiscation Is No Longer A Threat. It’s The Law.

One federal judge stands between California gun owners and unprecedented confiscation by the state.

Maine Legislature Will Hear Pro-Gun Measure This Week

The Maine Senate will be voting on an important pro-gun measure this week, and support...

West Virginia Governor Turns Pro-Gun Bills Into Law

Late Thursday afternoon, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed two critical pro-gun bills into law.

Four Pro-Gun Measures Sent To W.V. Governor

Four pro-gun and pro-hunting measures have been sent to West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and...

Where’s Your Wild West?

Will anti-gun media and gun-ban politicians ever tell the truth about concealed carry?

Things Are Getting Thorny In Jolly Old England

With gun ownership severely restricted and crime on the rise, some English law enforcement officials...

Myrtle Beach, S.C., Quietly Tries To Resurrect Shooting Ban Proposal

The Horry County (S.C.) Council is reconsidering a proposal that would ban the discharge of...

A Crucial Fork In The Road To Freedom

While the presidential race is critical, we can’t afford to overlook this fall’s House and...

Pennsylvanians Continue Fight For Sunday Hunting

A bill that would end the Sunday hunting ban in Pennsylvania will soon be considered...

Oklahomans Can Now Use Suppressors For Hunting

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday signed into law House Bill 2637, an important piece...

Standing Guard | When It Comes To Gun Rights, 2016 Election Is About The Court, Too

The November presidential election paves the way for the future of the Second Amendment.

Universal Employee Back At Work After Alleged “Gun-Free Zone” Firing

Universal Orlando employee and concealed-carry permit holder Dean Kumanchik left his firearm in his car...

When You’re Forced To Drop Your Rights Off At The Door …

LaSorte looks at local officials who wrongly believe that a “No Guns” sign makes everyone...

Guns—Must Be Present To Win

Armed citizens can’t stop violence where they can’t carry guns.

Living In Lembo

Retired and disabled, he defended himself with a gun. Will he now be homeless, too?

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Gun Registration

Publishing gun owners’ names so criminals can avoid—or target—them is only the beginning.

Clinton’s Big Bet: Advocating For The Destruction Of The American Gun Industry

Hillary Clinton wants to kill the gun industry, not with more laws but with litigation.

Desecration Of Church By State

How New Jersey is using red tape to keep two pastors effectively disarmed.

Standing Guard | Obama, Hillary Embrace Gun Confiscation

Hillary Clinton and Obama continue to embrace the Australian model of gun confiscation.
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