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Chicago Passes 3,000 Shootings Milestone

The weekend violence tally in Chicago looked painfully familiar—eight killed and 35 wounded. Included was...

Chicago’s Blame Game

As violence runs rampant in parts of Chicago, authorities there are playing the blame game.

Chicago’s Killers Break Record After Record ... While Politicians Talk

By Labor Day, Chicago’s killers had racked up 500 murders so far for 2016—more than...

Massachusetts Attorney General Rewrites The Law To Ban More Guns

How Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey sidestepped the law to ban thousands of guns.

3 Laws Hillary Wants That We Already Have—What’s Her Real Motive?

Frank Miniter asks why Hillary Clinton is calling for laws that are already on the...

Chicago: Mayor’s Plea For Peace Goes Unheeded

The day after 20 people were shot over a span of 16 hours, Chicago Mayor...

How To Fix The Crime Problem In Chicago

Chicago politicians focus on the law-abiding when violent criminals are the problem.

Is Obama’s DOJ Too Political To Tackle Chicago’s Murder Problem?

Frank Miniter looks at Chicago’s murder rate in contrast to federal prosecution of violent criminals.

Sorry Mayor, The ATF Says Gun Dealers Are Not To Blame For Chicago’s Homicide Rate

Frank Miniter continues his search for solutions to Chicago’s skyrocketing murder epidemic.

Only Gun Honesty Will Cure Chicagoland

Frank Miniter explores Chicago’s burgeoning murder rate and what city leaders are not doing to...

Chicago Murders Double So Far This Year

The number of homicides in Chicago so far this year is twice the number as...

Neighboring States React To Blame For California Shootings

California Gov. Jerry Brown has taken a page from the playbook of Chicago Mayor Rahm...

Chicago Mayor Sacks His Police Chief In Desperation To Duck Criticism

What apparently triggered McCarthy’s termination was the public release of video showing the October 2014...

The Clinton Files

The Clinton Library archives offer a look into the past—and a warning for the future.

Now Hiring: Chicago PD

The city will accept 12,500 new applications, as the previous batch (of 19,000 from 2013)...

Gun Group Uses “Buyback” Funds For Guns, Ammo

A Chicago “buyback” program is at least providing some benefit—although not to whom Mayor Rahm...

The Hole In Chicago's Excuses

Chicago’s violence has a solution—but the people in charge aren’t willing to implement it.

Misdirected Lawsuits And Misinformation In Chicago

Under the leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, Chicago has become...

Standing Guard | We Don’t Need More Gun Laws, Just Enforcement Of Existing Ones

Why pass more laws if we don’t enforce the ones already on the books?

Are The Bad Guys Winning?

Violent crime is prompting some politicians to propose new gun-ban schemes.
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