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The Armed Citizen® | Pizza Delivery Drivers, Part II

7 tales to make criminals think twice about targeting their local pizza deliverymen.

Anti-Gun Bills Move Forward In New Mexico

As proponents continue to lie about the effect two anti-gun bills will have on gun...

The Internet Leveled The Playing Field During The 2016 Election

NRA President Allan Cors discusses the Internet and the First Amendment.

Selling A Broken Background Check System

A deceptive study by the gun-ban lobby tries to sell “universal” background checks.

Ballot Initiatives Part III: How Can We Beat Them This Fall?

Here’s what you need to know to help defeat anti-gun initiatives on the ballot in...

Hillary Clinton: “I Support The Second Amendment.”

Hillary Clinton mocks the nation’s gun owners by claiming to support the right to keep...

GAO Report Says ATF Recordkeeping Broke Law

Frank Miniter explores how ATF broke the law by keeping records it should have destroyed.

The Armed Citizen® | Concealed Carriers

These concealed-carry holders took matters into their own hands when face-to-face with criminals.

Liberty University Living Up To Its Name; Will Allow Firearm Storage In Dorms

This fall, students attending Liberty University—a private Christian university in Lynchburg, Va., with an enrollment...

When You’re Forced To Drop Your Rights Off At The Door …

LaSorte looks at local officials who wrongly believe that a “No Guns” sign makes everyone...

California Wants To Video Every Gun Purchase—And Every Gun Purchaser

A California bill would require every gun purchase be recorded on video and held for...

Erasing The Armed Citizen

Gun-banners are engaged in a massive media effort to portray armed self-defense as rare.

Let’s End The Charade Of Gun-Free Zones

“Gun-free zone” signs mean nothing to criminals intent on causing harm and destruction.

FSU’s New Parking Lot Carry Policy A Turnover, But No Touchdown

The school has decided to revise its stance on firearms.

Lawsuit Aims To Protect Parking Lot Carry At FSU

A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against Florida State University over their “Game Day Plan 2015”...

The Armed Citizen® Retail Stores, Part 3

These armed robbery incidents in retail stores were ended by good people with guns.

Protestors Demand Retailer Ban Guns, Which Would Make Stores Less Safe

It wasn’t the food that the picketers took issue with, though—it was their gun policy.

Americans Can Shoot Straighter Than The Washington Post

See how anti-gun propaganda trumped up as research is attacking defensive gun use.

It Will Never Be Enough

Even anti-gunners with seemingly modest aims won’t stop until all firearms are illegal.

Friends Of Ferguson

When tensions in Ferguson, Mo., led to looting and burning of neighborhood businesses, armed neighbors...
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