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Gun Industry Restrictions Will Hurt Workers

The ramifications of gun control laws reach further than lawmakers will admit.

Phil Bredesen Spokesman Calls “Gun Nuts” a Terror Threat

He provides yet another reason why voters shouldn’t buy Bredesen’s claims to be pro gun.

Phil Bredesen’s Team Thinks Voters are “Ignorant”

Project Veritas catches staffers in lies about supporting Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.

Trump Phones Waffle House Shooting Hero

James Shaw Jr. had confronted a killer near a restaurant in Nashville, Tenn.

NRA’s Commitment To Protect America’s Children

The NRA's National School Shield program was established to step up safety on school campuses.

Tennessee Teens Learn to Shoot at American Legion Post

Cookeville club at Post 46 is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary and hopes to...

Armed Law Officer Asked to Leave Gun-Free Restaurant

A manager at an Outback restaurant in Tennessee refused service to an officer in uniform,...

Tennessee School Seeks NRA Grant for Rifle Range

A military training unit at one Hamilton County high school wants to be on the...

New Tennessee Legislative Offices Will Permit Concealed Carry

Tennessee’s new legislative office complex will allow for carry of concealed firearms for self-defense by...

Tennessee Homeowner Stops Break-In Attempt

Kevin Lindsey was doing a load of laundry at about 10 a.m. last Thursday when...

Virginia Sheriff Waives Permit Fee In Response To Antioch Church Shooting

In response to the violence, a sheriff in Virginia is waiving concealed-carry permit fees for...

We Need Judges Who Stand For Gun Rights

President Trump is building the federal judiciary in favor of the Second Amendment.

Tennessee Woman Shoots Dangerous Stalker Hiding Under Her Bed

Children know to look under the bed for monsters. For a woman with a stalker,...

The Armed Citizen® | Memphis, TN

Armed Citizens in Memphis don’t stop at dialing 911.

Tennessee Town Might Soon Allow Guns In City Hall

While Farragut, Tenn., currently has a gun ban in its town hall, that might not...

Nikki Goeser Speaks Out On National Carry Reciprocity

A woman who saw her husband gunned down by a stalker because both he and...

Woman Arranges Robbery Of Elderly Man, Who Shoots Her Accomplice

Two robbers picked the wrong 72-year-old Tennessee man to mug. And only one lived to...

Tennessee Public Transit Authorities Slow To Roll Back Gun Ban

Frequent A1F Daily contributor Stacy Washington explores how transit authorities in Tennessee are doing their...

Tennessee Cities Drag Their Feet Removing Gun Ban On Buses

A new state law in Tennessee took effect on July 1, recognizing the right of...

In Resisting Campus Carry, Professors Grow Desperate

As campus carry successfully comes to more states, the arguments against it made by anti-gun...
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