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London Officials Decide That Armed Cops Aren’t So Bad After All

After the attacks in Paris, some government officials in the UK seem to be realizing...

Mrs. Clinton, This Is What Australian Gun Control Looks Like

Hillary wants to give us the same choice Australians had: Turn in your guns or...

UK Beefs Up Security For Game, Anti-Gun Journalists Cry Foul

British law enforcement are rolling out a newly equipped elite counter-terrorism squad.

Legal Gun Ownership On The Rise In England And Wales

New data reveals that the number of legally owned guns in England and Wales is...

Gun Crime Nearly Doubles Over A Decade In UK

So much for the success story of gun banning and confiscation in Great Britain

How The UK Covers Up Murder Stats

A lesson on what UK crime statistics do and don’t say about the effectiveness of...

Anarchy In The UK

How did the UK get to the point where practically the only people armed are...
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