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A Bridge Too Near

Hollywood loves to tell war stories, and occasionally gets them right. Uh, sorta.

California Wants To Video Every Gun Purchase—And Every Gun Purchaser

A California bill would require every gun purchase be recorded on video and held for...

Support Needed For 5 Pro-Gun Measures In Iowa

Iowa gun owners should do all they can to support these five important pro-gun measures.

First Gear | Economical & Excellent: MGM and ClipDraw

An essentially permanent, versatile target system, and a great “carry” problem-solver.

Interesting Indeed

M+M industries’ M10X is both accurate and interesting. We think Col. Whelen would approve.

The Return Of The Clinton Semi-Auto Ban

America rejected it once as a bad idea. Now it’s back to ban more guns...

Minnesota’s Proposal To Get The Lead Out Fires Up Further Debate

This is the second time in less than a decade anti-hunting legislation—and Second Amendment freedoms—have...

Tennessee Right-To-Carry Protection On College Parking Lots Moves Forward

Nine states currently allow Right-to-Carry permit holders to exercise their Second Amendment rights on college...

Good Guys At Gorilla (Ammunition)

Eight-hundred pounds or otherwise, we’re glad Gorilla Ammunition is on our side.

White House Threatens To Veto Bill Shutting Down Operation Choke Point

Congress passed legislation Thursday to end the Obama administration’s Operation Choke Point

Carry Life | Carry Care—Mind The Ammunition

The cartridges in your carry firearm may save lives. Look after ’em, then.

Hillary Clinton Wants The Power To Destroy Gunmaking In America

Why Hillary Clinton lies about gun industry “immunity.”

First Gear | Small Delights

A Sierra bullet and a micro Aimpoint constitute two small obsessions.

No Doubt About It—Colt’s LE901-16s

Colt’s LE901-16s makes it hard to recall how much doubt stalked the MSR platform.

Lab Accident

How the Centers for Disease Control’s gun-control plan blew up in its face.

Rhode Island Bill Calls For Confiscation Of “High-Capacity” Mags

Failure to comply with the law would bring a severe penalty of up to 10...

Firearms Industry Brings Jobs To Gun-Friendly Arkansas

Arkansas and the firearm manufacturing industry are both benefitting from the pro-gun environment in the...

Unclogging The Minds Of Anti-Gunners

Darren LaSorte lists a few of the (non-murderous) reasons to get a scary-looking AR.

Georgia Democrats Call For Confiscation

Six Democrat women in Georgia’s State House of Representatives unveiled a bill on Monday that...

Isn’t It Ironic: Obama & Clinton Donors Profit From Guns

U.S. firearm and ammunition companies have not just given big to Democrats, they’ve contributed mightily...
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