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Is Hillary Clinton Just Michael Bloomberg In Disguise?

Hillary has showed her hand on gun control—and it’s Michael Bloomberg’s.

Slow-Walking Fast And Furious

The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal, and the Obama administration’s participation in it...

Decision From Hell: Hillary Or Bloomberg?

With support for Hillary floundering some in the anti-gun movement are looking for another candidate.

The Road To The White House

Attendees at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings might have heard from the next president.

Standing Guard | A Clinton Presidency Would Further Erode Gun Rights

With all of the threats to the very existence of our country, there is a...

Hillary’s Litmus Test For Her Supreme Court Justices

Hillary Clinton said she will only nominate justices for the U.S. Supreme Court who pledge...

Hillary's Long Con

Hillary Clinton's agenda leads unswervingly to gun registration and its invariable consequence—confiscation.

Really? Elitism In The Anti-Gun Movement?

Despite a seemingly presumptive coronation of Benghazi bungler-in-chief Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for...

Shocker: Hillary Clinton Hires Anti-Gunner

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has hired Scott Hogan from the Minnesota chapter of Michael...

Hillary’s Lip Service To The Second

“I respect the Second Amendment.” Hillary Clinton actually spoke those words in 2008—not coincidentally, the...

Hillary Clinton: The Best We Can Do?

When Wayne LaPierre took the stage in Nashville, the NRA executive vice president and CEO...

March Of The Elephants

Eleven Republican presidential hopefuls addressed those gathered at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum last Friday at...

Pro-Gun President?

Even The Washington Post understands the difference between Republican presidential contenders and those vying for...
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