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Meet Ms. Olympia

Five-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode shares the secrets of her success.

L.A. Councilmen Want Seattle-Style Gun And Ammunition Taxes

Councilmen Paul Koretz and Paul Krekorian are now pushing Council File 15-1188, which seeks to...

Expanding Freedom In Panama

Panama is making it easier for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

Another Victim Of “One More Gun Off The Streets”

Mia Higginbotham tried her best to obey New Jersey gun laws. She may go to...

Two Industry Groups Appeal California Microstamping Case

NSSF and SAAMI are seeking an appeal in their legal fight against California’s 2007 "microstamping"...

Sheriffs Challenge Colorado Gun Bans Before Federal Appeals Court Panel

Dozens of current and former Colorado sheriffs gathered in Denver on Monday as a three-judge...

Back To The Bolt

The LAW 704 Closer is a notable improvement on a two-century-old design.

The President’s Biggest Lie

The Obama administration is pushing for confiscation of firearms without due process.

Standing Guard | Existing Laws—If They Were All Applied—Could Put Gunrunners Away For A Long Time

If our federal laws were actually enforced, how long would gunrunners spend in prison?

Action, For The Action

A hotrod mod that will make your Remington 700 look cooler and shoot—if possible—better.

Seattle Creates New Tax On Guns And Ammo

A new tax on guns and ammo in Seattle could put firearm retailers out of...

San Francisco Gun Shop Legislated Out Of Business

Come November, not a single gun store will exist in San Francisco after High Bridge...

Along Came Sarah

15-year-old Sarah Merkle never intended to become a celebrity—today she's one of the most visible...

Lawsuits Out West

Both Seattle and Los Angeles face court challenges by the NRA over recent anti-gun laws.

Another Do-Nothing “Safe Storage” Ordinance In New York

Albany joined other New York cities like Buffalo, Rochester and the Big Apple this week...

Remote Idaho School District Adopts Armed-Staff Security Strategy

Green Valley School District will make firearms available to trained staff in the event of...

D.C. Officials Cite Non-Existent Stats On “High-Capacity” Mags

As Washington, D.C.’s murder crisis ramps up, the mayor and police chief have been quick...

Seattle Gun, Ammo Tax Under Fire

In effect, Seattle’s tax does nothing more than unfairly punish law-abiding gun owners for criminal...

Brady's Empty Suits

Brady Campaign’s court losses are putting it in a precarious and unsustainable position.

California Bill Would Expand 10-Year Gun Ban On Misdemeanor Offenders

It’s possible that some of these prohibitions could entrap innocent, otherwise lawful gun owners who...
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