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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Has Blood On His Hands

Contributor Frank Miniter looks at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s part in Chicago’s burgeoning murder trend.

Sen. Sessions Voices 2A Support, Vows To Prosecute Violent Criminals

During his confirmation hearing for U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., voiced his...

Chicago Largely Responsible For Murder Spike In Biggest U.S. Cities

Once the final figures are tallied, the average murder rate for America’s 30 largest cities...

Chicago: Shoplifters Spend More Time Behind Bars Than Gun Offenders

At a conference hosted by the City Club of Chicago on Tuesday, Chicago Police Superintendent...

We Don’t Need More Laws, We Need To Enforce Existing Ones

NRA President Allan Cors calls for prosecution of Federal Gun Laws.

Donald Trump’s Victory: A Must For Our Nation

Wayne LaPierre stresses the need for active prosecution of existing federal firearms laws.

Hillary Clinton's Policies Will Keep Gun Violence Rolling Across America

Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun, pro-criminal policies may be coming home to roost.

Chicago Is An Outlier As National Crime Rate Remains Near ‘Historic Lows’

A new report released Monday by the Brennan Center for Justice shows that crime rates...

With Crime Spiking, Australia Considers New Gun Control

As crime increases in Australia, politicians are calling for more bans that would only affect...

Chicago Passes 3,000 Shootings Milestone

The weekend violence tally in Chicago looked painfully familiar—eight killed and 35 wounded. Included was...

Chicago Man Paying For Armed Neighborhood Security

A Chicago resident, concerned about violence in his neighborhood, is taking NRA Executive Vice President...

Chicago’s Blame Game

As violence runs rampant in parts of Chicago, authorities there are playing the blame game.

The Truth About Illinois’ Ammo Serial Numbering Scheme

An Illinois lawmaker is pushing legislation that does nothing except make ammo unaffordable for the...

Obama At A Loss For How To Help His Hometown

President Barack Obama is “deeply concerned.” Specifically, about his hometown.

Chicago’s Top Cop Reiterates Intent To Put Away Repeat Offenders

Just last week we reported on the efforts of Chicago police to combat the city’s...

Chicago Finally Trying To Arrest Bad Guys To Stop Violence

We’ve repeatedly reported about the deadly violence in Chicago. With murders up 50 percent over...

An Attack On Our Cops Is An Attack On All Of Us

Every day, we ask our cops to have our backs. What happens when we don’t...

Chicago Violence Remains On Record-Setting Pace

There’s apparently no slowing the violence in Chicago. Another 50-plus people were shot over this...

Despite Record Gun Seizures, Chicago Murders Continue At Shocking Pace

The Chicago Police Department reports that 441 people were shot in Chicago in the month...

DNC Part 2: More Big Lies From Philly

We continue our coverage of the blatantly anti-gun Democratic National Convention.
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