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V-J Day: World War II Really Ends

Japan’s best military mind opposed every major action of WWII; they should have listened.

An Army Is Born

Technically speaking, the United States had an Army before it was a nation.

What Draws Women To Guns?

Women are quickly becoming entrenched in every aspect of the shooting community.

Overcoming Laziness At the Range

Making sure you budget some “serious time” at the range will keep your skills honed.

Exercise Your Freedom | Transitions

Rapid target transitions can be fun, but learning how to do them well takes effort.

The Armed Citizen® October 19, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed...

Not Watts She Seems

Michael Bloomberg is bankrolling "Moms Demand Action," with Shannon Watts as his stand-in, stay-at-home-mom. But...


Windham Weaponry tries to buy us off with two review rifles. It may have worked.
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