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Carry Life | Never Never Land: 4 Dangerous Missteps

The Carry Life demands caution, and a few “don’t evers” catch our attention over and...

Philly QB’s Generous Christmas Gift, and CeaseFirePA’s Silly Response

When a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback gave his teammates shotguns, the grandstanding gun-ban lobby gave them...

While Some Colleges Try To Ban Guns, This One Plans To Build A Shooting Complex

Liberty University, a private Christian university in Lynchburg, Va., has always been at the forefront...

Carry Life | Carry Christmas, Take 1

It’s that time of year—here are some great gift suggestions for your Carry Lifer.

Carry Life | Small Pistol Reloads

Small pistols have big appeal, but they’re demanding in many respects—especially reloads.

Liberty University Living Up To Its Name; Will Allow Firearm Storage In Dorms

This fall, students attending Liberty University—a private Christian university in Lynchburg, Va., with an enrollment...

It’s Never Enough

Why does it seem that gun-controllers’ appetite for your rights is insatiable?

Faux Medical Groups Call For Restoration Of CDC Gun-Control Funding

More than 100 so-called “medical” groups called for an end to the ban on federal...

When You’re Forced To Drop Your Rights Off At The Door …

LaSorte looks at local officials who wrongly believe that a “No Guns” sign makes everyone...

Tennessee Right-To-Carry Protection On College Parking Lots Moves Forward

Nine states currently allow Right-to-Carry permit holders to exercise their Second Amendment rights on college...

NRA Weekend at Cabela’s

Whether you’ve been thinking about joining the NRA, your membership is coming up for renewal...

Carry Life | Carry Care—Mind The Ammunition

The cartridges in your carry firearm may save lives. Look after ’em, then.

Oakland Officials Pushing Feel-Good Anti-Gun Measures

Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan is pushing proposals to mandate that gun owners and law...

First Gear | Safety Tech That Works From Hornady

The Hornady RAPiD®Safe safely stores virtually any firearm—family heirloom or brand new.

Doctors’ Group Mounts New Push To Grill Patients Over Guns

A panel at the annual meeting for the American Public Health Association (APHA) renewed the...

Senators Don’t Grasp That Education Should Be Part Of Gun Safety Initiative

Twenty U.S. Senate Democrats have issued a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), asking...

Another Do-Nothing “Safe Storage” Ordinance In New York

Albany joined other New York cities like Buffalo, Rochester and the Big Apple this week...

Wasting Away The Days In LaLa Land

Are L.A.’s new gun-control ordinances here today, gone tomorrow?

Americans Can Shoot Straighter Than The Washington Post

See how anti-gun propaganda trumped up as research is attacking defensive gun use.


Why the FN15 Sporting AR is about to become ubiquitous on America’s ranges.
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