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Oklahoma “Permitless” Open Carry Advances

Legislation would roll back Oklahoma permit requirement to openly carry a firearm for self-defense.

When You’re Forced To Drop Your Rights Off At The Door …

LaSorte looks at local officials who wrongly believe that a “No Guns” sign makes everyone...

Another Virginia Gun Store Faces Another Angry Mob

Should NIMBY neighbors be able to run a lawful gun dealer out of town—simply because...

Demanding Self-Defense Rights Against Terror, Europeans Resist Further Gun Controls

European citizens from Austria and Germany to Finland and England are fueling a boom in...

Guns—Must Be Present To Win

Armed citizens can’t stop violence where they can’t carry guns.

Massachusetts Sees Sharp Growth In Gun Licenses

The number of licenses has jumped by nearly 105,000, or 44 percent, over the last...

Where Do You Put Your Trust?

Anti-gunners are trying to turn the beleaguered Terror Watch List into a “no guns” list.

True Colors

The UN reveals the battle plan for its war on our Second Amendment freedom.

Anti-Gun State Leaders Push Watch List Gun Bans

Gun-ban governors push to restrict those on secret government lists from purchasing guns.

How Gavin Newsom’s Initiative Will Flatten California Gun Owners

California’s lieutenant governor aims to advance his career on the backs of gun owners.

The Clinton Files II

How Brady used Bill Clinton’s presidency to try and end the private ownership of handguns.

The Clinton Files

The Clinton Library archives offer a look into the past—and a warning for the future.

Illegal In L.A.: Chuck Michel On The Magazine Ban

California attorney Chuck Michel explains complying with—and beating—L.A.’s magazine ban.

Ohio May Dismantle Many “Gun-Free” Zones

House Bill 48, which passed the House Tuesday with a 68-29 vote, is now headed...

North Dakota And Minnesota Reach Reciprocity Agreement

Minnesota will recognize Class 1 licenses from North Dakota but not Class 2 licenses, which...

Sons of Heller

Here are several cases that have expanded firearms freedom since the landmark Heller case.

How Your NRA Goes To Court

NRA litigators are deployed on cases in courtrooms across the U.S., and they play to...

Waking To A Dangerous World

Violence around the world is causing a change in firearm policies in many countries, and...

Jim Crow and the Racist Roots of Gun Control

In one important part of American life, Jim Crow continues to thrive—the legal foundation of...


How Michael Bloomberg is twisting the gun control debate in the Evergreen State.
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