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Democrats Join Massachusetts Attorney General’s Gun-Ban Charade

Democrats join the ban-guns cheering section ... not just in Massachusetts, but also nationwide.

Massachusetts Medical Society Joins Cheering Section For AG Healey’s Executive Gun Ban

As gun owners protest and Second Amendment defenders prepare lawsuits to reverse Massachusetts Attorney General...

The Armed Citizen® | Theaters

Check out these six potential movie theater disasters averted by armed citizens.

Mini Mart Employee Stops Robbery—With His Handgun

An employee at a Lumberton, N.C., convenience store came face to face with death last...

Florida Homeless Woman Saves Herself With Firearm

A homeless woman in Gainesville, Fla., used her gun to defend herself against a man...

Texas Homeowner Shoots Attempted Armed Robber, Sheriff Warns Other Criminals

“Don’t come into Fort Bend County and start waving guns around because you could leave...

What Does Obama's Plan For Smart Guns Look Like?

Even if “smart gun” technology was a proven, flawless and currently available technology, a mandate...

Now That I’m An NRA Mom

NRA Mom Natalie Foster on how having a baby deepened her appreciation for firearms.

McAuliffe Lectures: Morning Show Comments On Virginia Shooting

There’s still no word on how blaming law-abiding gun owners for the bad deeds of...

A Custom-Made Surprise

Wounded warrior and NRA American Warrior contributor J.R. Salzman is presented with a custom deer...

Baltimore Man Shoots Home Invader

The man armed himself with a gun and closed the door to the room he...

New Jersey Justice … Again!

Even law enforcement officers are not safe from New Jersey’s gun laws.

Carry Life | 5 Carry Mistakes

Five seemingly small carry mistakes with potentially big consequences.

Lab Accident

How the Centers for Disease Control’s gun-control plan blew up in its face.

7 Things Obama Hid In His Gun-Control Plan

The 7 things Obama is hiding from you in his gun-control plan.

The Armed Citizen® Dog Attacks

Two-legged “predators” aren’t the only dangers faced by law-abiding gun owners.

Store Owner Stops Armed Robbery

A robbery suspect who had robbed a Cincinnati convenience store two weeks ago made a...

The Armed Citizen® Houston

These armed Houstonians are a good reminder not to mess with Texas.

The Armed Citizen® Kentucky

These armed Kentuckians utilized firearms for defense against criminals.

The Armed Citizen® Georgia

These Peach State residents were armed and ready to defend their lives and property.
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