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Everytown’s Anti-Campus Carry Push In Georgia

The real danger attached to this bill—not the manufactured danger that Everytown is trying to...

They Have No Shame

Both President Barack Obama and Uber are wrong on guns, but have no shame about...

UT President Insists On Empty-Chamber Carry

Other provisions of the new policy include a ban on open carry, and retaining some...

Ohio Legislature Seeks To End Gun-Free Zones

According to Maag, current law infringes on the the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

Study: Mass Shooters Prefer “Gun-Free” Zones

The Heritage Foundation has released an analysis of U.S. mass shootings that shows mass shooters...

Florida House Passes Campus Carry Bill 80-37

The Senate version of the bill was killed in the Judiciary Committee, but the victory...

Alabama Bill Seeks Amendment On Campus Carry

It would introduce an amendment to the state constitution that, if approved by voters, would...

Texas Protesters Rally Against Campus Carry

The University of Texas at Austin continues to fight against concealed carry on campus.

A Soldier Fights Back

Fort Hood hero Sgt. Howard Ray wants to restore self-defense rights to service members.

Let’s End The Charade Of Gun-Free Zones

“Gun-free zone” signs mean nothing to criminals intent on causing harm and destruction.

Theater Chain Now Searching Bags For Firearms

In the wake of recent theater shootings, you can add Regal Cinemas to the list...

Proponents For Ending Military Gun-Free Zones Hit Roadblocks

According to the Washington Times, federal law gives the secretaries of the various armed forces...

Trump Speaks Out Against Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases

According to Trump, we “never should have passed a ban on soldiers being able to...

Idaho Town Plans To Post Gun Warning Signs

“Welcome to Greenleaf, Idaho—This is not a gun free zone.”

Take The Long Way Home

“Gun-free zones” can make a walk in the city into a maze for concealed carry...

How To Win A Debate With An Anti-Gunner

Crushing anti-gunners with logic might feel good, but doesn't win hearts and minds. If gun...
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