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Minnesota Carry Permits Up Sharply

January marked a record-breaking month for carry in the state of Minnesota.

The Faces Of The FBI’s Secret Lists

Just a few of the stories of people who have wound up on the Terrorist...

Do “Universal” Background Checks Reduce Murder Rates?

Some wonder whether “universal” background checks reduce murder. The short answer? No.

Minnesota Dentist Won’t Face Charges For Legal Lion Hunt

Three months after rabid anti-hunters relentlessly persecuted Minnesota big-game hunter Walter Palmer for killing a...

BB Guns Not Just Child’s Play In Minnesota

During a 2013 traffic stop, police found a BB gun in David Haywood's glove compartment,...

Minnesota Data Shows Why Concealed Carry Works

Fatalities linked to permit holders are rare—and their numbers are falling at the same time...

Court Allows NFL Gun Ban To Continue … For Now

While this ruling carries a feeling of disappointment, the court was clear that this need...

North Dakota And Minnesota Reach Reciprocity Agreement

Minnesota will recognize Class 1 licenses from North Dakota but not Class 2 licenses, which...

Imagining Hillary’s Supreme Court

If Hillary Clinton wins in 2016, who will help her to suppress the Second Amendment?

Minnesota Mulls Military Carry Reform

Paul Gazelka has proposed that Minnesota National Guard and other active-duty military should be able...

Minnesota Pro-Gun Laws Take Effect

Several important pro-gun provisions of Senate File 878 went into effect on Wednesday

Stop The Noise

Why the time has come to legalize suppressors nationwide.

Is Hillary Clinton Just Michael Bloomberg In Disguise?

Hillary has showed her hand on gun control—and it’s Michael Bloomberg’s.

NY Prison Break: Keep Calm And Carry

The escape of two convicted killers from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility has alarmed local...

Quest To Quash Core Human Drives

The drive to hunt might be a fundamental human trait hard-wired into our brains.

Shocker: Hillary Clinton Hires Anti-Gunner

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has hired Scott Hogan from the Minnesota chapter of Michael...

Is Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Deaf?

The Minnesota Senate is poised to agree with the House and send a measure to...

The Armed Citizen® September 14, 2011

Already on edge following a burglary that occurred just days prior, Omar Medina was awakened...
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