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Never The Way It Was Supposed To Be

Antonin Scalia’s death could permit an anti-gun president to kill the Second Amendment.

Armed Citizen Saves Cop—Again

An armed citizen is being credited with saving the life of a police officer—this time...

Freedom Fighters

Former slaves Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass treasured freedom above all else.

The Armed Citizen® The 1980s

The 1980s featured their share of gun uses, as evidenced by these armed citizen stories.

Convenience Store Owner Stops Armed Robbery

The attempted robbery took place Monday morning around 8:30 a.m.

Philly Mayor Blames Guns For ISIS-Affiliated Terror Attack

A man who ambushed and shot a police officer in his patrol car in West...

Two Pennsylvania Senators Would Wrap Gun Owners In Red Tape

Philadelphia Democrats’ proposal would use state power to run down gun rights.

The Boston Tea Party

With the earmarks of a grand, iconic prank, the tea in Boston Harbor made a...

Pennsylvania Licensing Scheme Slams Door On Gun Owners

Is New Jersey-style gun control coming to Pennsylvania?

Law Professor: Civilians Do Stop Mass Shootings

Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings? According to UCLA constitutional law professor Eugene...

New Jersey: Where Rights Go To Die

Brian Fletcher was arrested for having a legally owned gun in his truck.

Another Shabby Story Makes Big Anti-Gun News

Without cherry-picking, omissions and distortions in the data, it simply isn’t true.

The High Price Of Helping New Jersey?

Should carrying your Second Amendment rights across state lines cost you time in prison?

Illegal Drug Sales Thrive In Baltimore

Residents of Baltimore, Md., are starting to see something new

Washington The Warrior

An exploration of how George Washington the farmer achieved greatness on the battlefield.

How Your NRA Goes To Court

NRA litigators are deployed on cases in courtrooms across the U.S., and they play to...

Philadelphia Judge Allows NRA Lawsuit To Resume

NRA lawsuits against the illegal gun ordinances found in several Pennsylvania cities have been held...

Armed Citizen Ends Barbershop Attack

A Philadelphia barbershop was the scene of a fight that led to one man drawing...

The Armed Citizen® January 26, 2015

Bill Gies, a manager at Woody’s Wharf, was getting ready to leave the bar and...

Is Shaneen Allen The Victim of State-Sponsored Persecution?

A New Jersey DA, blinded by his hatred of guns, sets out to destroy the...
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