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How Donald Trump’s detractors are staging a campaign to delegitimize, delay, distract and ultimately derail...

NRA Members Must Stand Tall As Liberty’s Bodyguards

Wayne LaPierre explains why we must be steadfast in support of the Constitution and President...

Moviegoers Give Gun Control A Big Thumbs-Down

Editor Mark Chesnut discusses the gun control flop, “Miss Sloane.”

Box Office Flop “Miss Sloane” Nominated For One Golden Globe

Yesterday, we reported that the gun-control political drama, “Miss Sloane,” was failing at the box...

Will Hamilton Oppose Right-To-Carry, Too?

Don’t expect those who hate concealed carry to accept a federal reciprocity law any better...

Defending Our Second Amendment Heritage

When some of the foremost experts on the Second Amendment get together, the audience is...

Schumer’s #1 Priority: Stripping Your Liberties

If you were a politician, what would your most pressing issue be?

How Anti-Gunners Abuse Voter Initiatives

Frank Miniter explores how anti-gunners use ballot initiatives to push an agenda they can’t get...

Congressman Brad Sherman Thinks Magazines Spray Bullets

Gun hatred is undeniably encoded in 2016 politics from the DNC, as a California Congressman...

Gun-Banners Change Rhetoric, Not Goals

A Politico.com story posted Tuesday under the headline, “Dems Urged To Retool Their Guns Message,”...

Independence Day Reflections

We’re suspicious of “new” thoughts on liberty and security; some of those old ones are...

First Gear | Reloading Quality Control—Build It In

Careful choices on some smaller components can markedly improve handload reliability.

Hillary Clinton Runs Against Gun Rights Because She Has To

Hillary Clinton had no choice but to become the most anti-gun presidential candidate ever.

Carry Life | Senior Competence

Condescending media thinks seniors are incapable of self-defense. Seriously.

President's Column | Barack Obama’s Lifetime Appointment

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, that could mean a Justice Obama in the Supreme Court.

WaPo Headline Mistakes Liberal Law Profs For “Second Amendment Experts”

“Second Amendment Experts” say that NRA is distorting the gun record of President Barack Obama’s...

Moms Demand Action’s “Game Changer” Fundraiser Has Raised $657

Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts claims that a new fundraising scheme will turn NRA tweets...

Standing Guard | Hillary: Packing The Courts For A Generation

Clinton White House plots for our Second Amendment freedoms with anti-gun Senate majority.

President Heston’s Immortal Words Have Meaning

This is the love of freedom that inspired Charlton Heston’s most famous monologue.

No Plan Survives

In one way, Jarion HalbisenGibbs' story is the story of every engagement: The first casualty...
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