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Promoting Small Business While Trying To Kill The Firearm Industry

Elitists gun-banners call for helping small business—ironically while trying to wreck the gun industry.

The Hillary Clinton Appointee Gets Feminism Wrong

So Schaefer is a self-described feminist who wants to ban a tool that can make...

Hillary Clinton Runs Against Gun Rights Because She Has To

Hillary Clinton had no choice but to become the most anti-gun presidential candidate ever.

Support Up For Protecting Gunmakers, But For Hillary…?

Hillary continues to get it wrong when it comes to the PLCAA—and Americans know it.

Despite Hillary’s Best Efforts, Most Support The PLCAA

Hillary Clinton has made attacking the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) a...

Hillary Clinton Vows Legislation To Kill U.S. Gunmakers

How Hillary Clinton’s plan to undo the most important federal pro-gun reform of the past...

Judge Denies Gun Companies’ Motion To Dismiss Newtown Lawsuit

On Thursday, a Connecticut Superior Court judge denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit that...

NRA Tweet On Sanders No Surprise

Of course, Sanders’ statement doesn’t make him pro-gun, but it shows that he at least...

How The New York Times Let The Truth Leak Out

The gun-ban movement’s complete plans—unveiled in The New York Times.

Pandora’s Box: Connecticut Lawsuit Seeks To Expose Gun Industry To Crippling Litigation

A new and absurd legal theory threatens your Second Amendment rights.

Lawyer Trying To Sue Gunmakers For Crime Calls Public “Notoriously Incompetent”

In attempting to go around the PLCAA in his play to sue the firearms industry...

Hillary Or Bernie: Who Wins Doesn’t Matter To Gun Owners

Why Clinton and Sanders should spur gun owners to get involved in this year’s election.

Hillary Clinton Wants The Power To Destroy Gunmaking In America

Why Hillary Clinton lies about gun industry “immunity.”

Anti-Gun Billionaire George Soros Donated $7 Million To Clinton Campaign Last Year

With financiers like Soros supporting anti-gunner Clinton, we must start mobilizing now to ensure freedom...

Democratic Lawmakers Seek Gun Industry Suits—Again

This legislation would expose gun manufacturers and dealers to Clinton-era type nuisance lawsuits designed to...

Bernie Sanders Completes His Anti-Gun Drift

While Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is far from good on gun policy, he at...

Federal Bill Would Expose Firearms Industry To Crippling, Frivolous Lawsuits

The industry isn’t “immune”—but this new legislation would cause a potentially fatal vulnerability.

Martin O’Malley Makes A Mockery Of Tragedy ... And A Joke Of His Own Campaign

Martin O’Malley struggles to brand himself as even more anti-gun than Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s Big Bet: Advocating For The Destruction Of The American Gun Industry

Hillary Clinton wants to kill the gun industry, not with more laws but with litigation.

The Clinton Files

The Clinton Library archives offer a look into the past—and a warning for the future.
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