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Mexico Joins Hillary Clinton’s Call To Ban Semi-Auto Rifles ... Again

Mexico’s foreign minister blames U.S. for Mexican crime; urges Congress to ban “assault weapons.”

Mexico Asks U.S. To Ban Popular Semi-Auto Rifles

According to a recent report at GlobalTimes.cn, Mexico’s foreign minister has chosen to meddle in...

First Gear | .25-45 Sharps/Lone Wolf/OptiSightUSA

Old-as-new, not-so-new but good, and just plain new and cool for First Gear this week.

Oregon And Washington Groups Push Semi-Auto Gun Bans To Erect “West Coast Wall”

Anti-gun groups in Oregon and Washington state hope to gather enough signatures in the next...

Fort Lauderdale Loses Attempt To Ban Semi-Autos At Gun Show

A city official thought he’d found a way to ban common semi-auto rifles, misleadingly called...

Lawmakers Seek To Override Parental Authority On Guns, Shooting

A new proposal by two anti-gun federal legislators would ban youngsters under 16 from participating...

Betcha Can’t Find More Errors Per Second

Given the intellectual rigor and fact-checking here, we expect all three will soon be accepting...

Why Anti-Gun Reps Think Giving the Feds Unprecedented Power Is A Winning Issue

Democrats in Congress are pushing false narrative to curtail constitutional rights.

Gallup: Americans Believe Carry More Effective Than Gun Ban At Preventing Terror Attacks

While President Barack Obama and other gun-banners push a semi-auto rifle ban, a Gallup poll...

Dom Raso Takes On AR-15 Haters In New Commentary

Addressing “every political hack pretending you know the difference between an AR-15 and a double-barreled...

European Union Moves To Restrict Semi-Auto Firearms, Some Member Nations Resist

Interior ministers of the European Union agreed Friday to seek tighter restrictions on civilian access...

Carry Life | Ammo Disasters: Type IVs

The last malfunction type is a rare but especially debilitating one. Learn to clear it...

HBO, Like Couric, Accused Of Deceptively Editing Interview

Jim Sullivan has accused HBO of deceptively editing his interview in an unconscionably biased episode...

University Of Texas Regents Postpone Vote On Guns

The University of Texas continues to grapple with campus carry.

Carry Life | Senior Competence

Condescending media thinks seniors are incapable of self-defense. Seriously.

New Proposal Would Ban Import Of Many Rifles

New federal legislation proposed by a Democrat California congresswoman would ban the importation of some...

Carry Life | The Three P’s, Part III

You may be imPRESSed how much your handgunning can improve.

First Gear | Economical & Excellent: MGM and ClipDraw

An essentially permanent, versatile target system, and a great “carry” problem-solver.

The Return Of The Clinton Semi-Auto Ban

America rejected it once as a bad idea. Now it’s back to ban more guns...

UT President Insists On Empty-Chamber Carry

Other provisions of the new policy include a ban on open carry, and retaining some...
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