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The President’s Biggest Lie

The Obama administration is pushing for confiscation of firearms without due process.

Using Social Security To Separate Seniors From Their Gun Rights

How Obama plans to use the SSA to disarm seniors.

Stopping Obama’s Social Security Gun Grab

“The 5 million members of the NRA stand alongside Congressman Johnson in this fight to...

What List Are You On?

How many more agencies might have data that could land you on a “prohibited” list?

Social Security Administration Confirms Gun-Grab Fears

While officials there say they don’t plan to bar all retirees who don’t manage their...

Social Security Administration Ignores Congressional Deadline

The NRA-backed bill sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn looks especially necessary now.

A Man With A Plan, A Phone And A Pen

Obama intensifies efforts to “transform” America’s Second Amendment out of existence.

NRA Supports Bill To Protect Rights Of Veterans And Retirees

NRA has announced its support for Sen. John Cornyn’s Mental Health and Safe Communities Act

Fighting For Our Elders’ Freedoms

Millions of Social Security recipients are in danger of losing their right to self-defense.

Fighting Back Against The Latest Obama Gun Grab

President Barack Obama’s latest gun-control effort could strip Second Amendment rights from millions on Social...
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