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Carry Life | Footwork

Decisive maneuver in a defensive confrontation may be far more in the feet than the...

Alabama AG Continues Campaign To Eliminate Gun-Free Zones

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange continued his policy of eliminating gun-free zones this week by...

Democrats Look To California Gun Laws As Model For Nation to Follow

Don’t be fooled, “universal” background checks are just the first step in the plan to...

Chicago Finally Trying To Arrest Bad Guys To Stop Violence

We’ve repeatedly reported about the deadly violence in Chicago. With murders up 50 percent over...

New Jersey: “Smart Gun” And “Justifiable Need” Bills Headed To Governor’s Desk

On Monday, the New Jersey Legislature moved on three onerous anti-gun laws.

Killing Gun Rights By Smothering Gun Makers

If Clinton wins the White House and succeeds in repealing the PLCAA, America’s firearm industry...

Supreme Court Rejects Gun-Ban Challenges

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected to hear a challenge to Connecticut’s “assault weapons” ban.

Carry Life | Summer Cover

Warmer weather complicates truly discreet carry. Of course, we have suggestions.

California’s Newsom Lashes Out At Transgender Gun Activist

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose sweeping new gun-control initiative will be on the fall...

Strict California Gun Laws May Get More Severe In November

California’s last gun-control vote was the 1982 initiative to limit new handgun purchases, which was...

Australian Lawmaker Says Gun Ban Hasn’t Saved Lives

In a pointed op-ed published Thursday in The Daily Telegraph, an Australian lawmaker said the...

Carry Life | Difficult Hand Positions, Part III

Not many methods will let you back up and shoot with this sort of precision.

Author Of Lexington Gun Ban Backpedals

Let’s hope Rotberg gets all the discouragement he needs for moving forward.

Who Would Hillary’s VP Be?

Who does Hillary want as a running mate, and how are they on guns?

Carry Life| Light ’Em Up, Part 3

Three sound techniques for using a flashlight and handgun together.

True Colors

The UN reveals the battle plan for its war on our Second Amendment freedom.

Will Virginia Voters Vindicate Freedom By Defeating Vindictive Politicians?

A growing national trend to impose gun control by executive decree: Will it work?

“Summer Of Guns” Extends Into Fall

FBI’s NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) processed 1,976,759 background checks for the month,...

Duck Dynasty Star Speaks Against Push For Gun Control

“Guns are in hands of mostly good people, just like police officers are mostly good...

Details Emerge On New Anti-Gun Federal Legislation

Ed Markey announced a plan to require background checks for private transfers, closing what opponents...
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