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NRA Endorses Donald Trump For President

In front of thousands of members at the NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Ky., the...

Sheriff Arpaio Sells Seized Guns To Buy Ammo And Radios For Volunteer Armed Posse

Country Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that his department will use the proceeds from the sale...

France Guarantees 20-Minute Police Response To Terror Attacks

France’s interior minister guaranteed a 20-minute police and military response time to future terror attacks...

The Vulnerability Index: Whats Your VX In Church?

Churches, synagogues and temples are sanctuaries of peace, love and forgiveness—qualities that attract predators as...

Cosmopolitan Continues Its Attacks On Gun-Owning Men

Cosmo: How to empower women by leaving them defenseless.

Terror Attack Sidetracks Some Of EU Gun Ban

Hunters and those owning firearms for defense of their country could be exempt from the...

On The Front Lines

Law enforcement is calling on armed citizens to help battle terrorism and violent crime.

Band Leader Onstage During Paris Terror Attacks Touts 2A

Hughes and the rest of the band will be returning to Paris Feb. 16 for...

New Gun-Rights Organization To Debut In Israel

An Israeli Knesset member is preparing to launch a local version of the U.S. National...

Minnesota Carry Permits Up Sharply

January marked a record-breaking month for carry in the state of Minnesota.

Europeans Push Back Against Gun Control

Many Europeans aren’t on board for the new gun-control plan.

Most Americans Oppose National Ban On "Assault Weapons"

A majority of Americans now oppose banning so-called “assault weapons”—a first in more than 20...

American Sheriffs Rally Concealed-Carry Permit Holders

Sheriffs across the country support Second Amendment after San Bernardino terror attack.

Voices On Left Speak Out Against New Push For Gun Control

It is promising to see that so much of what we have pointed out about...

Dems Target 2A In “Terror Gap” Proposal

Senate Democrats seeking to close what they are calling the “terror gap” are, in reality,...

More Americans Buy Guns As Defense Against Terrorism

Gun store owners are also seeing a surge in concealed-carry permit applications and course attendance.

Jerusalem Mayor Urges Citizens To Carry A Gun

The mayor of Jerusalem said it was “imperative” that Israelis with permits carry a weapon...

Evil Endures Abroad

A look at killings in Tunisia and Austria shows that gun possession is not the...

Slow-Walking Fast And Furious

The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal, and the Obama administration’s participation in it...

The Rise Of The Armed Citizen

Mark Vaughan stopped a beheading with his AR-15, and saved many lives in doing so.
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