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Armed Son Stops Home Intruder

A man broke into a Bessemer, Ala., home on Sunday afternoon, only to later find...


So: Why DON’T we treat guns like cars? (Or vice versa?)

Felon Out On Bond Breaks Into Home, Gets Shot

Face-to-face with Hartman, Odems didn’t hesitate—she shot the intruder, who then turned and fled.

When You’re Forced To Drop Your Rights Off At The Door …

LaSorte looks at local officials who wrongly believe that a “No Guns” sign makes everyone...

Exactly Why Do We Need More Gun Laws?

Our nation’s revolving-door justice system has a way of making a mockery out of the...

Good Samaritan Helps Detain Robbery Suspect In Alaska

When employees of a mall clothing store in Anchorage, Alaska, noticed that a customer seemed...

Georgia Mom Scares Off Intruder With Gun

A woman was asleep on the second floor of her home in Savannah, Ga.—along with...

Expanded Background Checks: Ineffective At Combating Crime, Great At Confiscating Freedom

Obama’s latest anti-gun campaign may have a chilling ultimate objective.

How Gavin Newsom’s Initiative Will Flatten California Gun Owners

California’s lieutenant governor aims to advance his career on the backs of gun owners.

Standing Guard | Answer Freedom's Call Today

The fight to stop Hillary Clinton from gaining control of our highest office begins now.

President’s Column | Latest Anti-Gunner Tactic: Blame Law-Abiding Gun Owners In Theft

The anti-gun media blames theft victims for crimes committed with stolen guns.

Standing Guard | Obama, Hillary Embrace Gun Confiscation

Hillary Clinton and Obama continue to embrace the Australian model of gun confiscation.

Do “Universal” Background Checks Reduce Murder Rates?

Some wonder whether “universal” background checks reduce murder. The short answer? No.

Australia: The Effects Of Gun Control

A new journalistic report reveals the truth hidden behind Australia’s claims of successful gun control.

U.S. Reps Float Proposal For Gun Retailer Code Of Conduct

Four Democrats in the House of Representatives proposed a measure that would establish a code...

Brady's Empty Suits

Brady Campaign’s court losses are putting it in a precarious and unsustainable position.

Americans Can Shoot Straighter Than The Washington Post

See how anti-gun propaganda trumped up as research is attacking defensive gun use.

The Armed Citizen® Texas

These armed Texans upheld the state’s reputation for independence by defending themselves.

San Francisco Murder Weapon Theft Wasn’t Investigated

Things keep getting worse in the investigation of the murder of San Francisco resident Kathryn...

Pennsylvania Town Official Chases, Shoots Alleged Bank Robber

A Hatboro, Pa., town official and concealed handgun permit holder chased down an alleged bank...
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