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Restoring Veterans’ 2A Rights The Same Way We Restored Those Of Social Security Recipients

In a March 14 letter, Americans For Responsible Solutions, founded by Gabby Giffords and Mark...

Veteran Facing Federal Charges For Hanging American Flag

If convicted, he could serve up to six months in jail.


How Donald Trump’s detractors are staging a campaign to delegitimize, delay, distract and ultimately derail...

7 Reasons The House And Senate Are Rolling Back Social Security Bans On Gun Rights

Here’s why the U.S. Senate and House have voted to roll back President Barack Obama’s...

Colorado Senators Could Vote On Magazine Ban Repeal

Will Colorado finally get its chance to repeal one of the onerous gun control bills...

Bill To Protect Veterans’ 2A Rights Gains NRA Support

A measure introduced in Congress by Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, would prevent the Department of...

The Battle To Restore Our Freedom Is Just Beginning

Wayne LaPierre discusses the real fight which begins once President Trump takes office.

Social Security Will Declare Seniors Mentally Defective And Deny Gun Rights

Obama’s SSA now has the power to declare millions of seniors “mentally defective,” turn their...

A Historic Election Brings New Opportunities For Second Amendment Supporters

Donald Trump’s election opens doors that might have been permanently closed by Hillary Clinton.

Veterans Administration Revoking Gun Rights Of Vets

The Veterans Affairs Department is revoking the gun rights of vets who pose no threat...

The Case For “Not Voting” Is Not Principled

Those who find it too hard to vote for president in 2016 ignore the fact...

2020 Hindsight

This day before Election Day, we take a look at what the United States could...

Vote For Donald Trump To Save Our Freedom

NRA President Allan Cors explains why the country needs Donald Trump.

Freedom Fighter Mike Pence

Pro-gun candidates don’t come any better than Mike Pence.

Florida Expedites 50,000 Carry Permits For Military Personnel

In a response to last year’s terrorist attacks at military recruiting centers, Florida Gov. Rick...

Trump Vows To Protect The Second Amendment

NRA President Allan Cors discusses Trump’s stance on the Second Amendment.

MSNBC Anchor Thinks We're Lucky NY/NJ Attacker Used Bombs Instead Of Guns

In the aftermath of a terror attack, a TV anchor inevitably will say something astoundingly...

Gun Rights Rally In California Draws Hundreds

The signs lined the street as more than 500 people gathered in Modesto, Calif., for...

Did California Just Establish A State-Sponsored Gun-Control Research Center?

The University of California-Davis has received a $5 million, 5-year grant from the state to...

The AR-15 Is The Musket Of Its Era

The AR-15 doesn’t represent an overextension of the right to keep and bear arms.
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