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Under What Circumstances Is It OK To Forcibly Disarm Law-Abiding Americans?

Our rights are liable to be under siege every time an emergency strikes.

Sons of Heller

Here are several cases that have expanded firearms freedom since the landmark Heller case.

Illinois: New Rules Clarify And Simplify Right-To-Carry Law

Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed legislation to remove some of the vagueness, ambiguity and complexity...

D.C. Metro Shoots Down City’s Excuse

It looks like the ball in back in Mendelson’s court to defend D.C.’s eagerness to...

Judge Says Firearms Speech Ban Is Likely Unconstitutional

District Court Judge Troy L. Nunley has denied an injunction on a California law prohibiting...

New York Gun Owners Defy SAFE Act

New York gun owners know that firearms registration leads to confiscation.

Most Dangerous 700 Days America Has Ever Faced

With no possibility of being re-elected, Obama wants to bend the law to his will.

Don’t Assume Same Sex Marriage Ruling Applies To RTC Reciprocity

National right-to-carry reciprocity is not a result of the Obergefell ruling.

Maryland Man Shoots Ex-Boyfriend Breaking Into His Home

Baltimore resident Craig Ivan Corbin Jr., 30, was shot early Monday as he tried to...

The Times’ Trust Issue

Sheriffs in San Diego and Yolo counties use California’s requirement that citizens show “good cause”...

The Second Reigns Supreme In Missouri

Last August, Missouri voters went to the polls and made a stand for their Second...

D.C. Carry Applications Triple, With Good Reason

Apparently no reason qualified as “good reason” to own a gun, as law-abiding citizens were...

P.S.: Leave Your Gun At Home

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dealt a heavy blow to concealed-carry rights when...

D.C. Appeals Court Ruling Extends District’s “May-Issue” Status

D.C. can continue requiring a “good reason” from those seeking concealed-carry permits.

Indiana Gun Owner Takes Her Case To Court

Let’s hope justice is served and Voris is back on the job soon.

Brady Campaign Ordered To Pay Legal Fees In Another Failed Lawsuit

The Brady Center has been ordered to pay the legal fees of defendants in a...

D.C. Gun Laws: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia temporarily blocked a lower court's...

9th Circuit Court Hears Two Second Amendment Cases

An important step is being taken in California to determine the status of self-defense rights.

President's Column | Hillary Clinton’s Attacks On First Amendment Could Have Ramifications For Second

NRA President Allan D. Cors on why Hillary Clinton’s censorship campaign matters.

You May Feel Some Pressure

What should you do if your doctor asks you whether you have any guns in...
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