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Obama DOJ Reverses Course And Un-Censors Orlando 911 Call Transcript

After censoring transcripts of the 911 call made by the Orlando terrorist mass murderer to...

As Gun Haters Push Bans, More Is Learned About Terrorist’s Violent Life

As gun-ban groups and anti-gun politicians and media continue to push for more restrictive gun-control...

Florida Homeless Woman Saves Herself With Firearm

A homeless woman in Gainesville, Fla., used her gun to defend herself against a man...

Antis Exploit Terror Attack In Orlando

As more is learned about the radical Islamic terrorist who murdered 49 people and injured...

The Vulnerability Index: What's Your VX At A Gun Show?

Gun-banners want you to think gun shows arm criminals, but that’s not true. So what’s...

Bad Bills Approved By California Assembly

California’s law-abiding gun owners take another hit as the state Assembly approves five bad measures.

CA Assemblywoman: A Loaded Glock Beats 911 On The Phone

Republican California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove had some very frank counsel for her colleagues across the...

The Vulnerability Index: What’s Your VX At The NRA Annual Meetings?

For the next three days, you are in the safest community on the planet.

Washington Man Uses Gun To Save His Family

A homeowner in Shoreline, Wash., used his 9 mm handgun to protect himself and his...

Additional Officers Help Reduce Minneapolis Gun Violence

Last month, 911 calls in north Minneapolis hit a spike, so the chief of police...

The Armed Citizen® 1990s

Laws and bans at local, state and federal levels proved difficult for ’90s armed citizens.

The Vulnerability Index: What’s Your VX On Campus? Part II

Why do college administrators think signs stating “No Guns Allowed” is a reasonable defense against...

University Prof Vows To Call 911 On ROTC

An associate professor of creative writing at the University of North Dakota panicked upon seeing...

Armed Citizen Stops Jewelry Store Robbery

A jewelry store owner in Torrance, Calif., shot and killed an armed robber on Tuesday.

On The Front Lines

Law enforcement is calling on armed citizens to help battle terrorism and violent crime.

Tulsa Armed Citizens Times Two

Two Tulsa residents used their firearms this week to defend themselves against home invaders.

Home Invaders Stopped Cold By Armed Homeowner

Police responding to the 911 call spotted the injured suspect at a nearby convenience store...

This Just In: Texas Is Fine

So where is all the armed mayhem and madness its opponents ominously predicted?

Living In Lembo

Retired and disabled, he defended himself with a gun. Will he now be homeless, too?

Carry Life | Light ’Em Up, Part 2

You’ve just (temporarily) blinded an aggressor—what now?
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