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The Truth About The AR-15 And Crime

Hillary Clinton and gun-ban Democrats are trying to push a lie into law again.

3 Laws Hillary Wants That We Already Have—What’s Her Real Motive?

Frank Miniter asks why Hillary Clinton is calling for laws that are already on the...

The NRA Speaks Out For Your Rights

New content on NRA News addresses the pressing issues of the day.

Obama Continues Push To Ban America’s Favorite Rifle

In his Saturday address to the nation, President Barack Obama continued to blame the gun...

Trying To Outdo Hillary, Bernie Sanders Brags About D- Rating, Desire To Ban Assault Weapons

Be careful, Bernie—latching onto anti-gun coattails is a proven recipe for disaster. Former President Bill...

Why Scalia Matters

With the death of Justice Scalia, our gun rights depend even more on the coming...

The Professor Is Coming! The Professor Is Coming!

In the home of the Shot Heard ’Round The World, a Harvard prof wants to...

The Return Of The Clinton Semi-Auto Ban

America rejected it once as a bad idea. Now it’s back to ban more guns...

Harvard Prof Wants To Ban Rifles In Birthplace Of American Revolution

Now, a Harvard professor wants the city to ban America’s most popular rifles, which he...

Why The Maryland Assault Weapons Ban Ruling Is An Election Issue

The ruling in a Maryland “assault weapons” ban case makes the presidential election even more...

Maryland Gets Gust Of Freedom: Assault Weapons Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal appeals court has ruled Maryland’s ban on semi-auto rifles to be unconstitutional.

Unclogging The Minds Of Anti-Gunners

Darren LaSorte lists a few of the (non-murderous) reasons to get a scary-looking AR.

California Lawmaker Pushes For Stricter Gun Control

As if California gun owners didn’t already have excessively restrictive gun laws to deal with—which,...

The Truth Behind The Proposed New Assault Weapons Ban

The new “assault weapons” ban that has been proposed is worse than its predecessor.

The Clinton Files II

How Brady used Bill Clinton’s presidency to try and end the private ownership of handguns.

Seattle Times Calls For Gun Ban

As Dave Workman points out, media who abuse the First Amendment to attack the Second...

Resurrecting The Clinton Gun Ban

Presidential contenders’ calls for an “assault weapons” ban are dishonest and pointless.

Assault Weapons Ban Of 2015: The Farce Awakens

Not everything deserves a reboot, as congressional Democrats demonstrated on Wednesday when they brought forth...

Desecration Of Church By State

How New Jersey is using red tape to keep two pastors effectively disarmed.

Wisconsin Gun Ban Bill Sponsor Backpedals

Wisconsin State Rep. Lisa Subeck and her Democratic colleagues are backing down on legislation that...
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