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DNC Part 2: More Big Lies From Philly

We continue our coverage of the blatantly anti-gun Democratic National Convention.

DNC Part 1: The Big Lie About “Gun Violence”

How gun-ban advocates at the Democratic National Convention are basing their proposals on a false...

The Armed Citizen® | Concealed Carriers

These concealed-carry holders took matters into their own hands when face-to-face with criminals.

On Guns, The AMA Claims To Speak For Doctors, But No One’s Joining

In the aftermath of Orlando, the American Medical Association rushes to remain relevant.

How Not To Fix Inner-City Gun Violence

Colion Noir says that gun-control advocates don’t care about helping the inner cities.

Standing Guard | Taking The Fight To Hillary: Bring It On!

The NRA is prepared to battle for the Second Amendment in the upcoming election. Are...

Chicago Violence Continues, NYT Jumps Into Fray

Note to the NYT: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the...

The Vulnerability Index: What’s Your VX At The NRA Annual Meetings?

For the next three days, you are in the safest community on the planet.

Chicago Police: We Know Who’s Most Likely To Be Shot

It’s called the Strategic Subject List and it documents people who are most likely to...

Gun Control Alive And Thriving In Chicago

This past weekend saw five killed and 40 wounded in shootings that took place between...

Are 141 Medical Groups Really Anti-Gun?

How Doctors for America shamelessly padded its list to make it look like doctors support...

Dear Hillary: We’ll Keep Our “Gun Culture,” Thank You

Mark Chesnut explains how Hillary Clinton is focusing efforts on law-abiding gun owners, not criminals.

How To Fix The Crime Problem In Chicago

Chicago politicians focus on the law-abiding when violent criminals are the problem.

"We Will Stand And Fight With All We've Got"

In his speech at CPAC, Wayne LaPierre explained why 2016 is a critical year for...

Chicago’s Deadly Cycle Of Violence

This revolving door of “justice” has created a deadly cycle of violence in the Windy...

The City That Makes Gun Bans Famous Breaks Yet Another Gun-Crime Record

Chicago murders continue spiraling out of control, with homicides up 71 percent the first three...

Chicago Murder Rate Up, Police Stops Down

The Washington Post reported Tuesday on the shooting of 12-year-old Zarriel Trotter, who was walking...

Murder Rises In Another Gun-Control Poster City

L.A. murder is up 27.5 percent so far this year. Will city officials target criminals...

Chicago: Another Day, Another 21 Victims

With city leaders unwilling to honestly address the issue, there is no reason to believe...

Retaliatory Gang Shootings Spur Chicagoland Violence

The gang member father of a 9-year-old murder victim has been charged with a triple...
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