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Freedom’s On Fire!

Only NRA can keep your Second Amendment rights from going up in flames.

Armed Church Member Saves Woman In Parking Lot

A church employee with a Right-to-Carry permit used his gun to scare off an attacker...

Carry Life | Sanctuary And Security, Part III

Our final segment on church security concludes with a helpful series of takeaways.

Carry Life | Sanctuary And Security, Part II

Church safety and security is a growing concern in an increasingly violent world.

Boston Mayor Bans Realistic Toy Guns

Under the ban, police can seize fake handguns that are not clearly marked with orange...

Carry Life | Sanctuary And Security

Ending violence in our churches may be closer than we think.

Armed Black Church Leaders A Growing Movement

After nine black churchgoers were murdered at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church earlier this year, Michael...

Meet Allan Cors

Cors’ role in blunting the 1968 Gun Control Act and creating NRA-ILA can’t be overstated.

A Week Of Freedom | September 21 - 25, 2015

Check out the top stories from this week on America's 1st Freedom.

Why Are New Jersey Gun Permits Being Held Up?

How New Jersey is keeping a church pastor effectively disarmed—and his flock potentially defenseless.

Oklahoma Pastor Shoots At Burglary Suspect

Oklahoma City police confirmed that the pastor has a concealed-carry license and that no one...

"Gun Violence Conference" Slated In Advance Of NRA Meetings

A group called the Sowers of Justice Network plans to stage a “conference” on gun...

Standing Guard | Anti-Gunners Say If One Gunman Kills, All Gun Owners Should Pay

Anti-gunners use collective guilt to implicate lawful gun owners in the acts of madmen.

Another Test For Retailers

How U.S. senators are blackmailing retailers concerning NICS checks.

Praise The Lord, And Pass The Ammunition

An Alabama church has found a unique way to utilize some rough church-owned property behind...

Gun-Banners BeLIEve

Gun-banners are fond of saying citizens shouldn't have access to the same firearms as the...

Armed Citizen Rescues Woman From Attempted Murder

She had been stabbed in the abdomen. Now her estranged husband, who was drunk and...

Pastor Shoots Intruder At Church

Pastor Benny Holmes was asleep in his church office around 6 a.m. when he heard...

Everytown Stumps For Background Check Revision

Everytown for Gun Safety’s new ad campaign and congressional lobbying efforts are targeting a provision...

Background Check System Failed In Gun Sale To Charlotte Murderer

According to the FBI, Dylann Roof had been arrested for drug possession more than a...
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