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The Armed Citizen® Hostages

These armed citizens turned the tables and saved lives in hostage situations.

Arizona Measure Seeks Tax Credit For Concealed-Carry Training And Permits

The proposed measure would offer a tax credit of up to $80 towards the cost...

Tulsa Carry Permit Holder Shoots Crowbar-Wielding Robber

A concealed-carry permit holder in Tulsa, Okla., used his firearm to save his life when...

The Armed Citizen® Restaurants

These gun owners protected themselves as well as employees and customers at restaurants.

Indianapolis Restaurant Serves Up Safety

An Indiana restaurant is now staking its bottom line on safer patrons.

Thanks For Your Distortion!

A study on CHL holders and murders shows how law-abiding gun owners are.

Another Restaurant Patron Stops Another Armed Robbery

The Waterbury Police Department is investigating the case as a homicide and said they will...

Law Professor Challenges University’s Gun Ban

The lawsuit, filed by Royce de R. Barondes, claims the university’s policy is unconstitutional.

Detroit Man Shoots Armed Robbers At ATM

All three men were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and the two suspects are in police...

Detroit Right-To-Carry Permit Holder Fights Back

The mean streets of Detroit provide us with more than their fair share of Armed...

Permit Holder Stops Attack On Mother And Child

A Cincinnati man with a gun in each hand fired upon a woman and her...

Woman Shoots Armed Robber

A Texas woman simply planned to fill her car up with gasoline, but a man...

Why Can’t We Simply Carry?

National reciprocity remains the ultimate goal.

The Armed Citizen® July 31, 2014

The tension between rival teenagers escalated as groups of supporters from both sides began making...

The Armed Citizen® November 3, 2011

Normally Raven Smith leaves his gun in the vehicle before he goes into a restaurant,...
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