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Fourth Circuit: Carrying A Gun Makes You A Suspect

One court’s assault on the right to carry by declaring all who carry a firearm—legally...

Tracing Judge Gorsuch’s Paper Trail On The Second Amendment

Dave Kopel explores Judge Neil Gorsuch’s record on the Second Amendment and explains why he...

Armed Virginia Woman Stops Convenience Store Robbery

A female 7-Eleven clerk in Winchester, Va., turned the tables on an armed robber late...

The Armed Citizen® | North Dakota

7 stories of armed self-defense in North Dakota.

North Carolina Man Fights Off Attackers

Durham, N.C., police say officers were sent to investigate after a man reported he’d sustained...

The Armed Citizen® | Denver

11 stories of self-defense from the papers of Denver, Colorado.

A Historic Election Brings New Opportunities For Second Amendment Supporters

Donald Trump’s election opens doors that might have been permanently closed by Hillary Clinton.

The Armed Citizen® | Idaho

Six stories of armed self-defense in The Gem State.

S.C. Legislators Target Non-Existent “Loophole”

Capitalizing on media coverage of the trial of the Charleston church shooter, two South Carolina...

Is Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn Blaming The Right To Carry To Distract Us From His Own Failures?

Chief Ed Flynn’s Milwaukee P.D. not only puts armed felons back on the street—it cooks...

The Armed Citizen® | Ohio

Six stories of armed self-defense from Ohio.

Ohio Homeowner Holds “Whacked Out” Burglar At Gunpoint For Police

A Coventry Township, Ohio, couple had just finished feeding their 18-month-old son Monday night when...

We Don’t Need More Laws, We Need To Enforce Existing Ones

NRA President Allan Cors calls for prosecution of Federal Gun Laws.

A Good Guy With A Gun Acts—And The Media Looks Away

How a good Samaritan saved a cop in need.

Georgia Man Stops Home Invasion

When three men burst into a Clarkston, Ga., home last month in a violent home...

Maj Toure: The Real Story Behind The Temple University Attack

Maj Toure, Philly native and founder of Black Guns Matter, weighs in on the recent...

Anti-Gun Ex-Pennsylvania AG Receives Prison Sentence

Kathleen Kane once worked for the 2008 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, so it wasn’t surprising...

Timing Fishy On Proposed Michigan Gun Ban

A law proposed by Michigan Democrats is raising eyebrows throughout the Wolverine State—especially since it...

Donald Trump’s Victory: A Must For Our Nation

Wayne LaPierre stresses the need for active prosecution of existing federal firearms laws.

The Armed Citizen® | Hotels

8 stories of hotel goers and hotel workers exercising their right to armed self-defense.
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