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Carry Life | 5 Carry Mistakes

Five seemingly small carry mistakes with potentially big consequences.

NRA To Sue Oakland Over Gun-Control Laws

The NRA and CRPA believe that both laws infringe on the Second Amendment right of...

Missouri Woman Says Gun Rights Saved Her Life

As reported in the Springfield News-Leader, the suspect told Claxton before departing that she was...

Carry Life | A Merry Carry Christmas

Stocking-stuffers from “Carry Life?” Why not?

Oakland Officials Pushing Feel-Good Anti-Gun Measures

Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan is pushing proposals to mandate that gun owners and law...

Freedom’s On Fire!

Only NRA can keep your Second Amendment rights from going up in flames.

Standing Guard | Obama, Hillary Embrace Gun Confiscation

Hillary Clinton and Obama continue to embrace the Australian model of gun confiscation.

Maryland Wastes Millions in Fingerprinting Fail

Maryland has dropped its failed ballistic “fingerprinting” effort, but worse policies are still active.

The Armed Citizen® Indiana

Take a look at the self-defense stories of these armed and unafraid Hoosiers.

Taya Kyle And TrackingPoint Take On A Master Sniper

Taya Kyle and TrackingPoint CEO John McHale discuss the inaugural American Sniper Shootout.

Chicago: Murder On The Rise

As Chicago’s body count climbs, Windy City politicians blame your Second Amendment rights.

Standing Guard | Existing Laws—If They Were All Applied—Could Put Gunrunners Away For A Long Time

If our federal laws were actually enforced, how long would gunrunners spend in prison?

Anti-Gun Group Lobbies Against Gun Safety?

An anti-gun group opposes locking up guns.

Lawsuit Aims To Protect Parking Lot Carry At FSU

A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against Florida State University over their “Game Day Plan 2015”...

Criminals Tell Us Why They Don't Mind Gun Control

Gun-control schemes speculate on how criminals get guns. Why not just ask them?

Digging The SIG

SIG Sauer has a right-out-of-the-box winner on its hands in the P320. You’ll want one...

Wasting Away The Days In LaLa Land

Are L.A.’s new gun-control ordinances here today, gone tomorrow?

Los Angeles Backs Law To Disarm Citizens

L.A. City Council unanimously backed new requirements to lock up or disable handguns in homes....

Setting Up A New Hunting Rifle, Part II

Darren LaSorte talks ammo selection and zeroing in this installment.

LAPD Union Asks For Safe Storage Exemption

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) is seeking an exemption for current and retired...
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