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Five Stupid Things The Media Believes About Guns And Gun Owners

“Five Stupid Things The Media Believes About Guns.” How’d we limit it to five, you...

Michigan Legislators Assault “Stand Your Ground” Law

A group of Democrats in the Michigan state senate have begun attempting to repeal the...

Illegal In L.A.: Chuck Michel On The Magazine Ban

California attorney Chuck Michel explains complying with—and beating—L.A.’s magazine ban.

New Ammo Tax Would Further Punish Law-Abiding Chicagoans

A proposed ammunition tax (five cents per bullet, and one cent on smaller rounds, such...

Obama Breaks Promise Of More Federal Gun Prosecutions

The reality is that Obama’s annual prosecution of gun crimes has never reached the levels...

How To Stop Violent Crime

Wayne LaPierre takes on the president with the real solution to violent crime.

The President’s Biggest Lie

The Obama administration is pushing for confiscation of firearms without due process.

Brady's Empty Suits

Brady Campaign’s court losses are putting it in a precarious and unsustainable position.

Would President Hillary Appoint Barack Obama To The U.S. Supreme Court?

Why Hillary would want to help Obama spend the rest of his life completing his...

The Hole In Chicago's Excuses

Chicago’s violence has a solution—but the people in charge aren’t willing to implement it.

The Great War Begins

The “war to end all wars” sadly wasn’t. WWI began 101 years ago this week.

New Jersey Poll Shows Overwhelming Opposition To Gun Charges

A reader poll on NJ.com asks the question, “Should people with permits to carry guns...

Standing Guard | We Don’t Need More Gun Laws, Just Enforcement Of Existing Ones

Why pass more laws if we don’t enforce the ones already on the books?

WA Judge: Come Back When You’ve Been Arrested

A federal judge has dismissed a suit against Washington’s Initiative 594 because plaintiffs hadn’t yet...

Don’t Think The BATFE Will Stop At Green

The green-tip ammo fiasco is only the latest episode in the BATFE’s decades-long, capricious regime...

Measure Targets Race Question For Gun Purchases

A measure introduced on Monday in the U.S. Congress would put a stop to the...


How Michael Bloomberg is twisting the gun control debate in the Evergreen State.
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