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The SSA, created to administer public retirement benefits, is now poised to deny the Second...

California Donut Shop Employee Shoots And Kills Robbery Suspect

You can bet dollars to donuts that a couple of thieves never expected to encounter...

CNN: The Dis-Trusted Name In News

Creative Directive Clay Turner discusses the fall of CNN from the public’s grace.

The Media Want You To Believe Everything You Read, As Long As They Publish It

NRA President Allan Cors examines fake news and how the internet has provided honest options.

John Lott Q&A: Anti-Gun Lies About Mass Shootings

We talk to researcher and author John Lott to find out the truth about mass...

Trump Administration Signals Intent to Enforce Existing Gun Laws

The Obama administration’s refusal to enforce federal laws covering armed predators is over.

Left Goes Apoplectic Over Pro-Gun SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch

AWR Hawkins explores the left’s meltdown that followed President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil...

Chicago Off To Even Deadlier Start Than Last Year

Coming off a grim year in which it racked up 762 homicides—more than New York...

Gun-Control Poster City Ends Year With Record Homicide Numbers

While several of America’s largest cities saw a rise in homicides last year, none had...

Chicago Largely Responsible For Murder Spike In Biggest U.S. Cities

Once the final figures are tallied, the average murder rate for America’s 30 largest cities...

Off-Duty Officer Shoots Attacking Bear To Defend His Family

In the foothills of California’s San Gabriel Mountain range, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy (aka, an...

California Lt. Governor: Trump A “Leap Backward” On Guns

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose latest gun control legislation consisted of requiring background checks...

Why A Polarized Nation Can Be A Good Thing

What’s behind the Left’s calls for “unity”?

The Armed Citizen® | Gun Store Employees

14 examples of why you should never attempt to rob a gun store.

Why Won’t Hillary And Obama Confront The Real Haters?

Editor Mark Chesnut examines the violent response to the presidential election and questions the silence...

Clinton Supporters Burn Flags, Assault Police Officers To Show Their Love For America

Before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Democrats warned of armed participants and mass violence....

The Armed Citizen® | Hotels

8 stories of hotel goers and hotel workers exercising their right to armed self-defense.

Would Hillary Name Bloomie Secretary Of State?

Have any doubts billionaire gun-ban advocate Michael Bloomberg will have a big role in a...

Chiraq Matters

How can we fix the problems plaguing Chicago? Maj Toure has some ideas.

Oops—LA Times Accidentally Calls Americans For Responsible Solutions A “Gun Control” Group

The Los Angeles Times appears to have unwittingly departed from the script Tuesday when it...
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