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Death Of Gun Sales Greatly Exaggerated—Again

Editor Mark Chesnut examines the so-called “mainstream” media’s propensity for always getting it wrong on...

Milwaukee Police Chief Blames Right To Carry For Crime

Milwaukee’s police chief seeks to blame honest people for his own department’s apparent dereliction.

Defending Our Second Amendment Heritage

When some of the foremost experts on the Second Amendment get together, the audience is...

Gun Sales Set Record For 17th Straight Month

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), more background checks for gun sales were...

Why Gun-Rights Advocates Are Key To Saving The Bill Of Rights

To continue to enjoy our rights as spelled out in the Constitution we must protect...

Prosecutions For Lying On Gun Background Checks Fall To New Low

A Justice Department audit of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) released Wednesday...

Beware The Anti-Gun Candidate In Camo

When anti-gun politicians don camo to claim support for the Second Amendment, comedy often ensues.

Hillary’s VP Candidate Tim Kaine Is An Anti-Gun Chameleon

With Hillary Clinton’s health in question, gun owners need to know that her running mate,...

Firearm Sales Continue To Break Record After Record

Figures from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) suggest that Americans bought more...

FBI: Gun Purchases Continue Record-Breaking Trend In August

The number of National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks performed last month was...

Train Wreck

How a power struggle among California Democrats cost gun owners another chunk of their rights.

A Democrat Who Wants An Anti-Gun Litmus Test For Democrats?

This U.S. Senate leader thinks all Democrats should pledge their support for his gun-ban schemes.

5 More Things Hillary Would Do To Your Rights

Frank Miniter explores five more ways Hillary Clinton will make the future darker for America’s...

5 Things Hillary Says She Will Do To Your Rights If She Wins

Frank Miniter explores promises Hillary Clinton has made that won’t bode well for America’s gun...

July Continues String Of Record-Setting Gun Sales

For the 15th straight month, a new monthly record has been set for FBI firearm...

Tale Of Two Party Platforms

Frank Miniter sheds light on the DNC and RNC platforms’ opinions of the Second Amendment.

Voting While Blind

The use of ballot initiatives is the latest threat to our rights, and we have...

How Gangs Get Guns

As anti-gun politicians call for “universal” background checks, gangs get their guns by stealing them.

Maine Ballot Initiative Puts Gun Rights On The Chopping Block

The real goal of Bloomberg’s Question 3 initiative is the registration of all firearms.

How CNN Programs Popular Opinion On Guns

Frank Miniter explores how deceptive wording leads to fake “support” for bad gun legislation.
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