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Stop The Inescapable Epidemic Of Lies

Politicians, pundits and media talking heads lie to, and about, gun owners. Put a stop...

The Walls Keep Tumbling Down

Right-to-Carry continues to sweep the nation with legislative victories expanding permitless, open and campus carry.

Apple TV Adds More Programming To Its Schedule: NRA TV

The entire catalog of the National Rifle Association’s video content is now streaming on a...

Everytown Rolls Out Misinformation Campaign In Missouri

The St. Louis mayor, also an Everytown for Gun Safety member, calls Senate Bill 656...

No April Fool’s: GunTV Makes Its Debut

Welcome to GunTV, a new home shopping network offering a wide range of firearms and...

Why Scalia Matters

With the death of Justice Scalia, our gun rights depend even more on the coming...

A Journey To Freedom

Gabby Franco tells us about her emigration from Venezuela to freedom.

2A Supporters React, Comcast Backtracks On Great American Outdoor Show Ads

Comcast contacted NRA, saying the move was not politically motivated and that the ad executive...

Expanded Background Checks: Ineffective At Combating Crime, Great At Confiscating Freedom

Obama’s latest anti-gun campaign may have a chilling ultimate objective.

7 Things Obama Hid In His Gun-Control Plan

The 7 things Obama is hiding from you in his gun-control plan.

Kimber To Sponsor NRA News Commentators

Kimber America is the new presenting sponsor of the successful online video series, Commentators on...

Freedom’s On Fire!

Only NRA can keep your Second Amendment rights from going up in flames.

President’s Column | Latest Anti-Gunner Tactic: Blame Law-Abiding Gun Owners In Theft

The anti-gun media blames theft victims for crimes committed with stolen guns.

Shooting The 3-Gun Nation Nationals

Join Editor Mark Chesnut at the 3-Gun Nation Nationals.

Hillary Clinton TV Ad: Let’s Come Together In Support Of Ineffective Policy

Perhaps it’s coincidence that this ad was announced almost exactly a month after she vowed...

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley: Make Me President And Ill Make America Just Like Maryland

Martin O’Malley wants to become president and turn the U.S. into anti-gun Maryland.

NRA To Roll Out Bloomberg “Campaign” Ads

The initiative is an NRA effort to spread awareness of Bloomberg’s limitless ambition and pernicious...

Gun Control’s Branding Problem

Gun control’s brand plagued by poor products and dishonest pitchmen.

Will We Surrender Toy Guns?

Gun-banners are stepping up pressure on your children in an attempt to foster an anti-gun...

Is Chaos At Our Door?

A dangerous world is closing in. On Election Day, we will protect our right to...
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