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Las Vegas Merchant Thwarts Armed Robbery

A man attempting to sell a ring outside the Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas,...

The Armed Citizen® | Pawn Shops, Part II

Round two of tales of Armed self-defense in pawn shops across the nation.

Man Shoots At Five Home Invaders In Self-Defense, Fatally Striking One

A man relaxing in his Jacksonville, N.C., apartment last Tuesday evening suddenly heard a thud...

The Armed Citizen® | Boston

10 tales or armed self-defense in Boston, Mass.

The Armed Citizen® | Dog Attacks

8 accounts of armed citizens defending themselves and others from violent dogs.

The Armed Citizen® | Minnesota

7 accounts of armed self-defense in Minnesota.

California Pharmacist Stops Armed Robbery

When two men entered Jonathan’s Pharmacy in Apple Valley, Calif., Friday evening wearing bandanas over...

The Armed Citizen® | Pizza Delivery Drivers, Part II

7 tales to make criminals think twice about targeting their local pizza deliverymen.

The Armed Citizen® | Atlanta

9 stories of armed self-defense from Atlanta, Georgia.

Armed Pennsylvania Man Stops Intruder

A Philadelphia, Pa., man who was being attacked by a home intruder used his gun...

Where’s Your Wild West?

Will anti-gun media and gun-ban politicians ever tell the truth about concealed carry?

Armed Louisiana Homeowner Stops Two Repeat Armed Robbers

The doorbell rings, and an unidentified man stands on the porch. Once the homeowner opens...

The Armed Citizen® | Bicyclists

6 stories of bicyclists involved in armed self-defense.

The Left’s Disconnect On Gun-Free Zones

Editor Mark Chesnut discusses gun-free zones.

The Armed Citizen® | Veterans On Guard, Pt. II

5 stories of veterans exercising the right to armed self-defense.

ATF Reports Dramatic Wave Of Gun Store Thefts

Speaking of gun trafficking: WJLA-Washington, D.C., reports that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and...

The Armed Citizen® | Dallas

8 accounts of armed self-defense in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Newspaper Brags That Chicago Went Nearly A Week Without A Murder

The (celebratory?) headline read: “Monday could mark 8 days without a fatal shooting in Chicago.”...

The Armed Citizen® | Fishermen

8 stories of fishermen defending themselves and their property with firearms.

California Donut Shop Employee Shoots And Kills Robbery Suspect

You can bet dollars to donuts that a couple of thieves never expected to encounter...
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