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The Armed Citizen® | Atlanta

9 stories of armed self-defense from Atlanta, Georgia.

Gun-Free Zones Are Targets

A1F interviews researcher John Lott to get the real facts on gun-free zones.

The Armed Citizen® | Veterans On Guard, Pt. II

5 stories of veterans exercising the right to armed self-defense.

Sheriff David Clarke: Cop Under Fire

Moving beyond hashtags of race, crime and politics for a better America.

President Trump Declares He Will “Protect Our Second Amendment”

Speaking at his triumphant return to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), President Donald Trump...

Committee Hearing Set For Alabama “Permitless” Carry Bill

Is constitutional carry coming to Alabama? If State Sen. Gerald Allen’s Senate Bill 24 is...

Shall-Issue Carry Measure Introduced In California

In a state where the majority of politicians have lost all respect for the Second...

Sheriff Forced To Disarm To Enter Spokane Arena

In an excellent example of just how far West Coast anti-gun sentiment has run amok,...

Two Invaders Shot, Killed By California Homeowner

It was apparently a home invasion gone wrong. Or right, if you’re the prepared homeowner.

The Armed Citizen® | Motels

12 tales of armed self-defense in or near hotels and motels.

Florida Gas Station Customer Ends Robbery With Perfect Shot

“They made a decision, ‘We’re going to fight.’”

The Armed Citizen® | North Dakota

7 stories of armed self-defense in North Dakota.

Sheriff Clarke: Police Chief Flynn “Straight-Up Lied” About Gun Owners Committing Crimes

Sparks flew when Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke joined Grant Stinchfield on NRATV Thursday...

Pat Garrett’s Thunderer

This gold-washed Colt revolver used by the famous lawman is as storied as it is...

Restaurant Owner ‘Heartbroken’ After Shooting Robber To Protect Family

When a man approached Jordan’s BBQ in Zephyrhills, Fla., demanding money, the owner was willing...

The King Of Fake News

President Barack Obama crusades against “fake news,” but he and his administration have been trading...

Nevada Gun Control: It’s Never Enough

Just a month after Nevada’s new “universal” background check law, anti-gunners are pushing for more...

Armed Texas Man Stops Home Invader

An Anderson County, Texas, homeowner on Wednesday used his firearm to stop a man who...

Is Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn Blaming The Right To Carry To Distract Us From His Own Failures?

Chief Ed Flynn’s Milwaukee P.D. not only puts armed felons back on the street—it cooks...

Chicago: Shoplifters Spend More Time Behind Bars Than Gun Offenders

At a conference hosted by the City Club of Chicago on Tuesday, Chicago Police Superintendent...
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